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News |  28 Jun 2018 18:05 |  By RnMTeam

'4 on a Swing' to present traditional jazz at NCPAÆs upcoming concert

MUMBAI: NCPA’s upcoming Jazz concert is a traditional affair, graced by 4 on a Swing, a band specialised in traditional jazz music. The quartet comprises of Pradyumna Singh Manot aka Paddy on piano, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya on vocals, Aditya Servaia on bass and Kunal Netrapal on drums. The band was India’s only representative at the Panama Jazz Festival in January 2018, attended by prominent musicians like Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Chucho Valdés and others. In an exclusive interview, the founder of the band, Pradyumna aka Paddy tells us about their upcoming performance, how the band was formed and how pure jazz is the core of their band.

What are the key highlights at the upcoming Jazz concert we can look forward to?

Our performance would be purely traditional jazz, ranging from the era of New Orleans marching bands to its modern form. This style is getting rare by the day. 

When it comes to the band, how did the four members happen to come together to form ‘4 on a swing’? Also, how long has this band been around?

I always wanted to do pure traditional jazz music, which led to me starting this band many years ago. I met Kunal at the Piano Man Jazz Club. He had just returned from New York and we jammed together. I instantly told him that I wanted to work with him. Similarly, I met Sanjeeta at Magnetic Fields and we jammed there. This is how I began working with her. Lastly, Aditya is my student, who has become an excellent bass player and now good enough to play with me. Though the members of the band have kept changing, it is nice that over years, different people have brought different personalities to the music of our band. But, when it comes to music, I have kept pure jazz as the strict goal of the band.

How is the future of Jazz as a genre in India according to you? What's the response you have received so far? What is the age group of audience you witness mostly for your concerts?

Jazz is growing again from what I have seen. More students, listeners and venues are opening up for the genre. Places like the NCPA are also pushing as well as supporting this movement strongly. People who attend the performances love it and, interesting, they belong to all age groups.

Are you guys also open to experimentation apart from Jazz?

As a band, we strictly create pure jazz music.

How is the feeling of being the only band from India to represent the country at the Panama Jazz Festival in January 2018?

It was an amazing honour!!! We received so much love! The best musicians were present and we learnt a lot. We proudly represented India and I’m so happy to say we left imprints of an amazing impression of Indian jazz and Indian jazz musicians.

Event: 4 on a Swing - Jazz Concert

Venue: NCPA

Date/Time: 29 June 2018/ 7 pm