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News |  21 Jun 2018 18:22 |  By RnMTeam

World Music Day: Singers and Musicians share a message for fans

MUMBAI: It’s World Music Day, today and who could understand its essence better than our singers and musicians. So, on the occasion of this day, dedicated to global music, we have brought heartfelt messages from our Indian music clan for their global fans.

Arjun Kanungo

Music stands for passion, peace and creativity and these are all things we should try to achieve in life. I think World Music Day is just another day to appreciate the fact that we live in a country, which lets us pursue our artistic aspirations. I’m very grateful to be an Indian and living in a country that promotes art form.

Do nothing but listen to Arjun Kanungo songs on World Music Day. Celebrate it with me.

Clinton Cerejo

I think music is the most powerful force on the planet and music has the power to heal, to bring joy and also has the power to elevate one’s consciousness. So to all the fans that genuinely love music, let's bring good music back and everything in music that makes a difference that can take music to the level that it should be. Let's bring the good music back.

 I think if you can find a biopic about your favorite artist. For me there is a lovely film called round midnight and it’s about a sax player called Dexter Gordon and I would love people to watch the film it’s a beautiful film or any other film which is a biopic about a musician you love it’s the best way to pay tribute to your favorite artist or even read Quincy Jones’s  autobiography that’s the best way to celebrate world music day.

Meghdeep Bose

My message to all Young musicians/composers/producers is to strive to bring in great musicianship as much as possible. It would not only help the musician community grow but also to stay close knit.

In a world of computer-based recordings, musicians happen to stay out of touch for years together. I believe World Music Day celebrations can help people come together and celebrate these awesome souls. Wishing everyone a very happy World Music Day.

Alyssa Mendosa

Follow the things that resonate with you all things in life including music are based on resonance.

Introduce someone to something beautiful and new. Add to their memories. Happy World Music Day!!

Purva Mantri

Music to me is meditation. It brings enternal peace and does not have any boundaries. I wish let the music be an important driver for world peace.

My way, don’t think too much just enjoy the feel of being in music.

Priya Saraiya

Keep learning music. Music has the potential to make you a better person.

I am sure there will be many concerts and gigs happening in and around the city so please find time, buy the tickets and attend these shows. An artist is waiting somewhere for d good audience.

Hrishikesh Chury

Music is an inherent part of a Human Being and I believe that music connects you with the audience and makes the bond stronger.

Today is the time of recreation or rendition of new and old songs. So if you love to sing/ play music, try to recreate your favourite song in your style and also encourage others to do the same

Raaj Aashoo

If one likes to produce music then produce it the way you like be it Romantic or sad or a Party number, make it entertaining and one should feel relaxed listening to music after a tiresome day.

I believe that Music is power and create music or use it to entertain yourself. If you're feeling low at times use music to feel relaxed.

Murli Agarwal

Music relieves all the stress, if you feel lonely at times then do Listen to Music it will cheer you up.

As I said earlier, Music is a way one feels relieved from all the stress. So celebrate music as it's one of the best gift mankind has ever got.

Maat Baani

The language of Sur and Taal i.e. Music is that of our soul! Music expresses our emotions, feelings, and inspirations so beautifully! Everyone must learn at least one musical art form in their lifetime!

We would suggest you enrol yourself in workshops, classes, schools that teach music and dance of your choice. If you wanted to sing or play an instrument, today is the best day to start!

Ambili Menon

World Music Day is not one day of the year. Every single song you hear, every time you hum along to your favourite tune, every single time a song makes you smile, dance, rejoice - all of it is a celebration of music 365 days a year. But, taking out a day to pay homage to music as an art form is amazing. So the only message I want to give is - get out of your comfort zone and listen to more music - irrespective of the language or the genre. Don’t stick to just your favourite artists or sounds. Grow, explore, and share more music. It will always broaden your horizons.

Ah! Celebrate it every single day of your life. Every time you hear a song you love, get to know it. And by that I mean - there are so many unsung heroes who contribute to a song. Not just the singer or a Music Director. The lyricist, the music producer, the mix and master engineer, the musicians - these guys and so many others shape the song and make it sounds the way it does. Celebrate their contribution as well. 

Also, the best way to celebrate World Music Day is to meet a group of friends, jam or just put on some loud music and sing along to your favourite songs. Nothing beats that.

Ritu Agarwal

Everybody has that point in life where you hit a crossroad and you've had a bunch of bad days and there are different ways you can deal with it. I think music is something that connects with you more than anything else, and it can lift your mood instantly. Music is something that stays with you forever.

Audience appreciation is one of the major factors that every musician looks forward to. Apart from all the music that we consume in this hugely impacted digital time, I would urge all the people to go out, attend live concerts, explore diverse genres of cultural street music and support independent musicians.

Shraddha Sharma

Music in itself is a very beautiful language. It's a language that can connect two souls, that can spread love in ways one can't imagine. I'd only say pass this language onto as many people as possible.

Probably, listening to different genres, exploring new kinds of music, would be my idea of celebrating World Music Day.