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News |  19 Jun 2018 16:30 |  By RnMTeam

When discussing instrumental electronic dance and club music the line for music composing and production is blurred: Otm Shank

MUMBAI: What is art without an artiste with no curiosity. Otm Shank, is an example of it. Being a pop star in India, worked in Bollywood, before eventually moving and exploring the music space in west and owning his label Pink Turban.

The musician does see a confluence for both East and West, having experienced best of both worlds. On, this, he said, “The differences are many but so are the similarities. But like many things, the similarities also transcend the differences. I have a great passion for the music of both East and West. In many ways, my desire to find a confluence with music from East and West is symbolic of my desire to find a confluence of people from both zones.”

Otm Shank had a successful career as a singer before he moved to being a music producer, “Everything in the Universe not flow in cycles and hence the shift,” he sums it up. As a part of evolution as a musician, Otm shank has now entered another zone, as he says, “I am now just beginning a study of Indian Classical singing so perhaps I have and will continue this same cycle for countless kalpas!”

Since the debut dance-floor monster single, Ravish, under his Los-Angeles-based World-inspired electronic music record label, Pinkturban, Otm’s tracks have been supported by a diverse range of international DJs and radio stations. The list includes likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Asian Network, Sirius XM, 5FM, and George FM, and remixed by the likes of ZDS (Dirtybird, Toolroom), Jey Kurmis (Hot Creations), Bakongo (Roska Kick & Snares), and Ahadadream (Boiler Room).

Citing the difference between music production and composing, he says, “When discussing instrumental electronic dance and club music, the line for music composing and production is blurred. The line becomes less blurred with other genres. As I explore and deepen my understanding of both, I seek to discover ‘who is Otm Shank?’”

The artiste has recently released his new track called So Bazaar. On the track, he said, “So Bazaar is my latest single! It was released on Pinkturban on 1 June. It features the sounds of a bustling Eastern bazaar and an Egyptian Zummara (clarinet-style reed instrument) amidst a thumping beat and hypnotic bassline. The release also features a stunning remix from master producer Bump Ugly!”

For someone who has seen the Indian music industry so closely, he shares his observation about the industry as he says, “I would very much like to see more artists being recognised.” While he is contributing in his own way to speed the process, he thinks that the current rise of Independent music is a boon. Speaking about the same, he said, “Pinkturban is on a mission to showcase the incredible talents of Indian artists! At the same time, it is profound in these modern times how many artists are able to make and release music from all manner of backgrounds and cultures due to the rise of Independent music.”