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News |  21 May 2018 19:06 |  By RnMTeam

Live music fests play important role in helping homegrown talent: DJ Rishab Joshi

MUMBAI: Indian DJ Rishab Joshi of Lost Stories says live music festivals play an important role in helping homegrown talent.

"Live music festivals play a very important role in helping homegrown talent. A lot of times the music festivals which happen all around the world bring on board local talent to open for the headlining act," Joshi told IANS over an email.

"This helps in giving them exposure and the audience who attends these events on occasion manages to catch the opening artiste and it has been seen that a lot of times these performances play a much better set than the main performance. Such a senior plays a pivotal role in the growth of the homegrown talent and in turn helps them get better slots at festivals around the world."

Lost Stories, formed by Prayag Mehta and Joshi, has represented India at Tomorrowland, and played at music events in India. The DJ duo will be performing at Imagica's Anniversary Bash on 26 May.

The theme park destination will celebrate its anniversary with multi-genre music festival Vh1 Supersonic Takeover, where Zaeden will perform too.

Joshi feels the audience at EDM festivals in India has changed and evolved over the last five years.

"Earlier people were just happy that big names and artistes were coming to our country to perform. Whereas now even though you may have a big artiste, people are looking for a really good production supporting act or do something very different."

Giving an example, he said: "The DJ Snake campaign or the Deadmau5 campaign where he spent a lot of time in India during his visit taking part in multiple activities. Listeners are now expecting this out of their favourite DJs and just not come down and play a set and leave. Fans' expectations have gone up and has increased the pressure, which in a way is good as it is pushing the international artistes, especially those who think Asia is a big market.

"It pushes them harder to become better at what they do, creating new things at all times."

(Source: IANS)