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News |  19 Apr 2018 13:41 |  By RnMTeam

I used to play Bollywood in the beginning but realized that's not my calling: Johnnie Ernest

MUMBAI: India is buzzing with talented DJs and one of the most talented young ones is, Johnnie Ernest. The Delhi based DJ is making some serious noise in Delhi as well as International circuit, with his EDM, hip-hop, commercial and trance music.

Johnnie comes from an engineering background and has a degree in the mechanical stream; this however, was his family’s wish. “My family wanted me to be an engineer, but I somewhere always knew I wanted to be a musician. I also had a fight with my family over this. I nonetheless completed my studies, but always kept myself engaged with music.”

Till 12th standard, Johnnie didn’t know what genre he exactly wanted to eventually take up, till one day his friend took him to a club. “It was my first time ever in a club and the kind of sound and vibe I got there, it just amazed me. I used to play drums for church, as a child, so had some idea about rhythm, but this music just completely made me crazy.”

He further added, “I used to play Bollywood music in the beginning, but realized that’s not my calling. In Delhi however, there is a huge fan base and demand for Bollywood songs.”

The image of a DJ from Delhi is very stereotypical, “One that plays songs at wedding.” However Johnnie thinks the time is changing. “People are getting educated and aware of different genres of music. This is a good thing. Now we (his genre of music) get a good response as music is growing.”

Johnnie is all set to perform at Irish House in Delhi this Friday and he says he has performed in the Mumbai Irish House previously. “I can’t thank them for this lovely opportunity. I performed last year in Irish House Mumbai, and it was amazing. Now, I can’t wait to perform here. I will play my choice of music. I usually play by my instinct and don’t believe in planning too much.”

So, it’s certainly not worth missing a gig by this young DJ with a distinctive vision of the dance floor, combined with his talent. His live experiments propel him to the forefront of electronic dance music and have shaped a dark and timeless sound which has certainly got its due attention. His unique taste in music is fascinating and is reflected in his DJ sets.

Details of the gig:

What: Irish Beat trip feat. Johnnie Ernest

Where: The Irish House, Epicuria, Nehru Place

When: Friday, April 20, 2018

Time: 9:00 PM onwards