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News |  23 Mar 2018 15:19 |  By RnMTeam

Shantanu Moitra reveals the making of 'October' theme song

MUMBAI: Most songs do get famous in a short span of time but what about the background score and the theme songs of the film? They go easily unnoticed. Well, an amazing piece of work created by the famous Bollywood composer Shantanu Moitra for the movie October is the latest news.

Varun Dhawan’s upcoming film October has been in the headlines for Armaan Malik singing a song for Varun and more. Today, we talk about the most soothing theme created by Shantanu for October.

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“This theme was roughly created a year ago, even before the shoot for October began. Shoojit (director Shoojit Sircar) narrated me the story and on the basis of that, I created the music. The theme song is a part of the background score,” said Shantanu.

Usually, the background scores are created while the film is being shot to get a clear idea about the plot. But during October, the scenario was different.

“Shoojit wanted the music to help him shoot as he did not want to use any reference tune. This was a very interesting concept for me as there was no movie for me to see, just the conversation and my imagination. As I played the final tune to Shoojit, he immediately said, this is October,” said the excited composer.

Give a listen to the beautiful theme song below:

The people behind this marvelous music are Rohan Roy on lead Violin, Theme Programmed and Produced by George Joseph, Additional Violins by Maria Ten, Polina Romanova, Cello by Ilya Ten, Harp by Sophia Kiprskaya, Piano by George Joseph and Artem Panteleev and Viola by Pavel Zhukov.

The tune was recorded in bits and parts of the globe. The lead violin was recorded in Kolkata while the rest in Russia.

“The feel of the violin was so right for the song that I decided to have only back up instruments to it. A month back I went to Russia to record the other parts of the music. It was a 100-year-old huge studio which could accompany at least 300 people at once. I visited the place during the best time of the year; the entire place was snow white. I met the musicians there with the help of our co-producer and all I asked them to do is play from their heart. This is a concept we usually do in India. So I bought a bit of India to Russia and Russia to India. The music was ready within three days as all the musicians weren’t available at the same time,” added Moitra.

The music director is also working on Eros Now film named Haathi.