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News |  06 Mar 2018 16:31 |  By RnMTeam

Kavita Seth's band Karwaan planning India tour

MUMBAI: There is so much more to Kavita Seth than just Iktara, which is yet to be explored. A unique voice among the auto-tuned voices, Kavita is a true artist that believes in the old idiom “content is King.”

As she continues to be a voice for many actresses, what keeps Kavita occupied is her streak to present quaint artwork to the new world. “I am singing for some movies, however till they are released, it is better not to speak about them. Apart from that I just finished a song for Holi. It’s a beautiful song, however, I, unfortunately, couldn’t release it on Holi as some finishing touches are remaining. But I am looking forward to its release.”

Apart from that, Kavita is also indulging in her namesake activity, poems, “I do a podcast every 15 days called “Main Kavita Hoon”, which as the name suggests is reciting poems. What makes it different is that I have kept it raw, without the usage of instruments, maybe a guitar in the background.”

She also rues about absolute lack of interest by music labels for anything original, “I have a ready project on the noted poet of India, Amrita Pritam for past couple of years. It is so upsetting that no label is considering it. I have approached every possible music label with the project, but the response has been discouraging. I was told that audience taste is not that, but we have to think that audience will only develop a taste to what we offer.”

At the same time the soulful singer is extremely happy about the booming digital age as she says, “It a great platform for people to showcase their talent and have a creative space. Like even for me despite being an established artiste, I have lot of liberty doing what I want to do and connect with larger audience through digital platforms.”

Kavita, who is known for Sufi style singing, has her own band called Karwaan with which she tours, “Recently I was in Kolkata for a show and decided to have a jam session, with the local artists, it was so much fun. I did the same, when I had a show in Mathura, I jammed impromptu with the local artistes. These sessions have a lovely feel and vibe about them, which I completely enjoy.”

Karwaan is all set for an India Tour, which is in the planning stage, “We have a show for Karwaan happening in March and then in June, apart from an India tour we are working out on.”

The artist says, “Of course I enjoy live shows more, that’s what I have been doing since my beginning. It gives you the opportunity to connect with the audience immediately.”

Kavita concludes by saying that despite the influx of mediocre work, good art will always sustain, “Look at Jagjit Singh ji, what he has done is irreplaceable and the vacuum that is created after he passed away hasn’t been filled. Some songs might get popular for a while, but what is good shall stay immortal.”