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News |  20 Feb 2018 18:28 |  By RnMTeam

To be nominated in the same category with AR Rahman was an amazing feeling: Kanishk Seth

MUMBAI: A song from a perspective of a woman longing for her husband is unique enough, and to know that this thought found its origin in 22-year-old boy’s brain makes it even more unique and sensitive. Kanishk Seth would be introduced as Kavita Seth’s son, but he sure is doing things on his own to create an individual style.

His new song, Aane Ko Hai Khaab, is a song based on emotions a woman from a tier II city goes through while she awaits her husband to return from a faraway city. “My process of making music or songs, is usually that I think of a situation first and then everything comes into place. So, while making this song, I thought that waiting for someone you love is still an unexplored emotion in our visual mediums. The wait could be of anyone, a woman’s son, husband, brother or friend. Here we chose a husband,” says the singer.

Incidentally, the storyline is loosely based on the story of parents’ of the director of the video, who is also the lyricist of the song. “When I sounded the idea to Yashwardhan, he told me it was somewhat similar to his parents’ story.  He later brought it to life with his beautiful lyrics and direction. I was keen to make it with a backdrop of rural India, but Yashwardhan insisted on Tier II city as the backdrop. It turned pretty good,” explains Kanishk.

Check the song here –

He also shares his journey, “I was made to learn sound engineering at the age of 14 by my father. Most people learn sound engineering very late, but I thank my father for it. Also, I got to learn from Vikrant Hazare, student of Mr. Avinash Oak (Veteran Sound Engineer at Western Studio).”

What sets him apart is his clarity of thought, “Each to his own, but I don’t see myself doing covers. Everybody is doing that, but I don’t see anything new or there is no individual sound. What I am doing right now is Inde-Electronic Music, a genre which is still evolving in India.”

Having someone like Kavita Seth as your mother is certainly a blessing, “She is always a guiding force and a very blunt critic. When I am composing music with or for her, I bounce my ideas to her. But if I am on my own, I present the finished product, but she is always upfront and that’s how it should be with family,” expresses Kanishk.

Kanishk collaborated with his mother at the age of 18, with a one of its kind album, Trance meets Khusrow. The album was appreciated across all platforms and even got nominations in GIMA and Mirchi Music Awards. “It was quite surreal, as I was in the same nomination list as greats like A R Rahman.”

Expressing more about his mother and ace singer Kavita Seth, Kanishk says, “She always insists on the importance of good lyrics and entire set-up. Some of her songs still bring Goosebumps to me. Her album Ek Din and the title track for it is a gem of a song. I still remember her recording of it, she remembered my father, who was the backbone of our family. Her voice quivered a bit, but that brought out the emotions in that song so beautifully.”

A 22-year-old who visualizes the song before he composes it must have a hidden director in him and Kanishk confesses, “I have made short films with few of my friends, which were widely appreciated across many award functions. As of now I am composing music for lot ad films and am open to Bollywood films too. Let’s see.”