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News |  01 Feb 2018 12:23 |  By RnMTeam

There are hardly any bands that focus on bringing in a global change: The Beat.Ranking Roger

MUMBAI: Come Sula Fest and The Beat. Ranking Roger will be performing at Sula Fest. Anyone who is conversant with the 80’s music would know of the name Ranking Roger, who was one of the members of the two-toned band, popularly known as The Beat (The English Beat), later as General Public. Currently he leads the same band with new crop of musicians.

Being in the business for over three decades, the brit musician says, “Changes are forever happening in the music industry and we as musicians have to constantly adapt. At some point the record labels all seemed to merge together just to survive and now the industry seems to be run by only 2 companies! I like the idea of smaller independent record companies who will invest in small, upcoming bands and give them the opportunity to thrive. The future of music is in the new ideas generated by these upcoming bands.”

A band that went through transformations over the years, has stuck together as love of music is the main factor. “I try not to compare the original line-up with the current line-up but when we’re together, musically it’s like a reincarnation of the original band; there are different personalities but the same spirit.”

The musician’s son Murphy too is a part of his entourage. Roger says that his son is bringing in freshness with his own style. “I’m very lucky to be able to work with my son Murphy; not many parents and their kids get to work together and be partners in the music industry. We always put the music first and we get on really well. Murphy grew up with all the music so blends in really well and brings a new dimension to the band with his style of MCing.”

In an industry where new professionals are a dime a dozen and global changes happen at a sonic speed, Ranking Roger feels, “There are hardly any bands that focus on bringing in a global change. Everyone is either venting out anger or just making hit tracks which is disappointing. There was a time when you’d only be someone if you had something to say but now it seems you can say any old rubbish as long as it pleases the advertisers. Mixing music with politics is always a tricky balance but as long as you remain real and don’t push your opinions down people’s throats then it’s alright to say what you believe in. People making popcorn music should look around and start writing about what’s actually happening around them.”

For the fans, the band is coming with a new album. “Yes, a new album, which is being mixed right now and will be out later this year. It’s sounding brilliant,” he added.

Travelling to India for the first time, he is upbeat about it, especially Indian food. “I really don’t know what to expect as I’ve never been to India before. I’m very excited about the trip, and particularly about tasting some of your great food. I would also like to explore if taken out by someone.”

Apart from food and travel, he is well acquainted with Indian music and expresses, “I come from Birmingham, which has one of biggest Indian communities in the UK, therefore I’m familiar with lots of different Indian music – I love the beats and am amazed by the fact you guys have 13 notes in a scale compared to our seven, which make you a lot more advanced than us and means you can do twice as much.”

At the end, Roger elaborates on his Indian set, “A lot of the hits and a lot of jumping around, dancing and smiling people.”