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News |  30 Dec 2017 15:07 |  By RnMTeam

Don't want to advocate my political ideas in music: American DJ

MUMBAI: 'Politically aware' Kayzo, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, doesnt want to advocate his political ideas through his music. He says he wants his music to be an outlet through which people escape reality.

A lot of musicians in the US want to use their music for political activism. But Kayzo, known for his versatility, doesn't want to follow the same path.

"I don't want to advocate my political ideas in my music or on my social media. I am politically aware in terms of what is going around in my country and what is going on in the world, but I see my music as an outlet for people to get an escape from all that," Kayzo, whose real name is Hayden Capuozzo, told IANS here. 

The DJ, who was excited to perform in India for the first time at the 11th edition of Ola Sunburn here, added: "For me, my music is like speaking to my everyday life. I try to stay away creatively from all that (political issues)."

Kayzo has made a place for himself in the world of music by remixing songs and infusing trap and hardstyle genres into his remixes. He got noticed with "Wake up" in collaboration with DJ Riot. Later, he officially remixed DJ Snake's "A different way". 

He will be coming out with his debut album Overload in January next year. 

"‘Overload' album will be the stamp on what sound I will be pushing forward. Past the album, I am starting my North American bus tour in February. I am also working on a lot of collaborations. I can't name the artistes. They haven't said anything yet so I don't want to spoil it yet," said the bass artiste.

Talking about his musical influences, he said: "The number one thing as an artiste you do is to be able to stay willing to adapt and be creatively forward thinking. For me, as an artiste I have just been in-tune with music as a whole and not just electronic music but all types of music." 

"I am a big fan of other types of music like pop, funk and rock. For me, to be able to evolve is to be able to find ways to combine my liking and my passion for rock, pop and funk with other types of electronic music."

"That is what 2017 has been for me. It has been about finding ways to combine my electronic side with other sides like rock style. That's what I have done in my album. In 2018, I am going to find new ways to push the envelope."

He mentions that he likes to explore different genres, but Indian music is still a mystery to him.

"I haven't had much of a chance to dive into it yet, but I would like to dive more into the local artiste and see what the scene is out here versus the scene back home," he said. 

Talking about the music scene in Asia, Kayzo said: "In parts of Asia like China and Japan, bass music scene and culture in general have grown so much, especially this year. So, it is so exciting to see India take off with this music and it is exciting to see all the hype behind it and finally to be here and experience it."

(Source: IANS)