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News |  26 Dec 2017 22:25 |  By Zinal Dedhia

When I first heard him cry, I had tears in my eyes: Tulsi Kumar

MUMBAI: The feeling of motherhood cannot be put in words, it can only be experienced and singer Tulsi Kumar is going through these mixed emotions at present. Tulsi gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas Eve and she is indeed overwhelmed.

Expressing her joy she said, “It is a great feeling that I am experiencing. One will experience it only when she is going through. I don’t know how but these motherly things just come to you naturally.”

She added, “As the baby enters our life, so many things change with it overnight. Being a mother is a lovely feeling and I am enjoying every bit of it. It is a new process and my new beginning with the baby. There are yet a lot of things for me to learn.”

The first moment of everything new is very special and close to the heart. “When I first heard him cry, I had tears in my eyes. I felt mixed emotions when I heard his cry and it is difficult for me to explain. When I first held him, it was an amazing feeling,” she expressed.

It is often said that you can pass the best knowledge to an infant while they are still in the womb. Following the same, Tulsi had been listening to ‘Gayatri Mantra’ throughout her pregnancy. She is continuing the ritual.

Being a singer-songwriter, out of curiosity we asked if she plans to pen down all the emotions “During my pregnancy, I had thought of making a song on the entire journey. So, I will come up with something for to be mothers and mothers for sure. A song that will be calm and soothing for them during their pregnancy.”

Tulsi had selected names for both a baby boy and girl before her delivery. Thus, naming her baby boy, Shivaay wasn’t a task.

As a baby is born, it is obvious for friends and relatives to start guessing whom the baby looks like. To this Tulsi said, “I think it is too early right now to judge, but everyone says he looks like me.”