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News |  16 Dec 2017 09:03 |  By RnMTeam

We want to create a movement through 'Woofer': Dr Zeus

MUMBAI: We have heard of Indian artistes adding something unique to their tracks, but very few of them think outside the box. Dr Zeus in collaboration with a few more has brought up Woofer which is a track done for a purpose.

Zeus has blended Woofer in a unique way while explaining its true motive he says, “This whole record was done for a purpose. I have done plenty of songs with Zora Randhawa in the past, but this time we wanted to create a ‘movement’ which we are hoping that every other Indian artist will follow. Movement speaks about how should we make our Punjabi and Hindi languages corporate internationally. Everybody understands super-hits in India but why can’t we have the same super hits appeal to the whites. So, this is the road-map to create that buzz and trend for Indian artists to collaborate and start that fusion because India has become corporate now.”

Zeus shares his thoughts, “In terms of entertainment, Indian film Industry has been accepted by Hollywood. The Indian film industry has done a good job to make sure that they get recognized and they are still working on the cross over movies. I felt if people in Punjab and Delhi can sing songs like Despacito in Spanish then definitely people outside can sing Punjabi songs. Our main mission is to take our culture internationally. I think it’s time that every other established artist stands up and puts a foot where it matters to make this movement big.”

He further adds, “We Indian’s restrict ourselves and do not give that push which our music needs. If black people did not push hip-hop, this dance genre would never get big the way it’s in America. America’s biggest music was Rock but black people came and forced their music. We all seem to be relaxed, we keep on making our songs and that’s about it. But sometimes it’s necessary that we push. This is what this new record Woofer is all about.”

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