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News |  13 Dec 2017 17:43 |  By RnMTeam

After 10 years of silence Dr Zeus releases 'Woofer'

MUMBAI: 10 years is a long time, but it’s never too late to put a bunch of outstanding compositions together. So, after a decade of silence, Dr Zeus finally released Woofer, his first track from the album Global Infection under BeingU Music. The track features Zora Randhawa, Snoop Dogg, Dr Zeus and Nargis Fakhri

“This is my first collaboration with a mainstream artiste and an English collaboration with a Punjabi song. We have Snoop Dogg giving those raps, Nargis Fakhri who has brought that touch of an ‘American culture’. Also, she is a Bollywood actress, she’s originally a queen and she's bringing that queen flavour into it. Then we have Dr Zeus who has got that British culture with Punjabi music banging in. This entire song is a perfect blend of fusion. Just like the way we say ‘Urban desi tadka’. Similarly, we have this song which is a mix of many elements. Woofer is an energetic hip-hop party song. People are really excited, even when we had just put the teaser on we were getting an amazing response,” says Zora.

While it’s been just a few hours since Woofer’s release and its receiving positive feedback from the audience. The song video has an amazing amalgamation, to which Dr Zeus says, “If you’re going to give a ‘fusion blend’ out to the public, the song has to be merged properly. People have to feel the fusions and understand the concept. This song is for the youngsters out there. Almost after ten years, I have produced an album for myself and Woofer is its first single.”

Zora Randhawa and Dr Zeus are close friends, throwing light on their newfound friendship Zora states, “My friend was an international promoter and he knew that I was a big fan of Dr Zeus. So, when I was in Australia, Melbourne his tour started from Queensland. He (friend) called me up and told me that he is doing Zeus tour.  I was excited to meet him. So, I managed to reach out to him, while he was having his breakfast. We met and then later he listened to the song which I had recorded and he liked it. So, that’s how we met and then we carried out things later on.”

BeingU Music has produced this video. Their main motive is to establish a movement and to popularize Indian music across the globe. Dr Zeus track is a kick start to their goal.

“When we met them we just found that we both had the same vision. Zora and I had recorded almost 50 per cent of the song, after which we did not know the way. BeingU Music came at the right time and had the right roadmap in their head. They wanted to create a movement from scratch and I came up with something which was 50 per cent done. The audio was completed and BeingU Music came on board. BeingU Music is now like a family and I can’t thank them enough for their support,” confess Zeus.

Click here to listen to the track: