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News |  07 Dec 2017 15:08 |  By RnMTeam

I am very fond of Nisha Ma'am: RJ Heena

MUMBAI: RED FM undoubtedly has one of the most appealing CEO’s in the radio business and she indeed has many admirers. And amongst these, a Nisha Narayanan aficionado is RED FM’s RJ Heena. The RJ hosts midnight show Midnight Masala.

Heena’s social media page is filled with Narayanan’s pictures, thus out of curiosity, Radioandmusic asked the RJ her thought for the COO. She said, “Nisha Ma’am is a practical person and I am very fond of her. The way she carries herself, she is full of inspiration. She gives the strong woman vibes that can do anything. I look up to her, admire her, she is very beautiful. I keep asking ma’am for pictures each time, I meet her.”

“You need some kind of liberty while working which I get from her. I don’t think anybody can lead us better than her. I so want to be like her. The way she handles everything, I think she is a complete package who can do everything. She is strict when it comes to work, as well as a very loveable person,” Heena added.

RJ Heena who does the Midnight Masala show in Delhi from 9-12 pm hails from Jammu and Kashmir. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Jammu University and Diploma in Radio from IIMC, Delhi. After graduation, she did not want to get into the common path of MBA as she had some other plans for herself.

“After graduation, I was searching for something where I could just speak. I have the quality of speaking and interacting with people and I thought of not wasting it. I realised that I am meant for something else. Thus, I started with a radio internship at BIG FM Gwalior and then came to RED five years ago,” said RJ Heena.

The internship period was a learning that Heena would remember for life. She worked at the backend of the station which she feels every RJ should try hands at. “I think if you do not have the backend knowledge, you cannot work at the upfront with ease. If you are a good producer you can be a good jock because the producer knows what should go on-air and what not. Also for me personally it was very helpful because I have worked on the backend, I know how to present things upfront,” she said.

Since her start, she has been the queen of the midnight time band and she not feel like taking up another slot as an RJ.

“I love this prime-time show honestly because I believe ‘that hour’ of the time we get loyal listeners. I say loyal is because they will specially tune-in to you. My target is youth and the duration I am doing the show is very youth-oriented. People in hostel or students who follow me the most,” said the RJ.

The youth-oriented content focuses on their problems and things that interest youth. Her main focus is Delhi University students, hostel students and giving people a platform to get out their aggression and say all that they want to. She also tries bringing small changes in the society through her show.

We have been hearing that working late hours is a risk especially for a woman but lastly talking about it, Heena proves it wrong. She agrees to the risk factor but also believes that it has been hyped by the society we live in, the influencers.