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News |  09 Nov 2017 12:51 |  By RnMTeam

I would like to collaborate with 'The Stage' judges in future: Lekka

MUMBAI: Lekka was one amongst the pool of contestants who had to make an exit from Colors Infinity’s The Stage 3 recently. But, the exit hasn't upset her at all.  She is glad to have lived her childhood dream on this English reality show. Lekka always wished to perform on an English show, in spite of coming from a Hindustani classical background. 

“It’s been incredible and so much fun. This was most fun rollercoaster ride I ever had. Starting from audition till the end it was maddening. There was so much learning happening along with fun and performances,” says Lekka

The last couple of weeks made a major transition in this performer’s life. “The journey was very impactful. As a musician, artiste and a performer I started off in this show. I changed a lot even without realizing it that time. Now as I look back it makes me go awe. Every rehearsal with coach and tips from the judges helped us. Their feedback really mattered to me. I used to take it in very positive criticism because they are there to make us better. The Stage is a very incredible platform for the artistes like me who are getting first-hand reviews. The fact that there is someone looking out for us and taking efforts to make us better is indeed a joy,” exclaimed she.

Week after week the contestants had to go through challenges. Lekka explains, “Every week we had different themes and they made sure to push us out of our comfort zone. As an artiste we were able to see ourselves beyond what we are. It also helped us to see how vibrant we are. It made us feel confident about ourselves. It was a great feeling when we actually got out of our way to achieving something.”

To be mentored by the four judges Vishal Dadlani, Ehsaan Noorani, Monica Dogra and Devraj Sanyal is something great. “Be it on stage or behind the stage, they are always there for us. They were constantly checking us and that’s how they could see through each contestant. Stage taught me how to go about in life when I do a mistake. It was a life-changing experience as at that moment their comments really made our performances better. Standing on the stage and listening to them felt like a normal conversation. But in reality, it had a huge impact on us.”

She further adds, “The judges literally pushed us to become the best version of our self in every possible way. Somehow they were able to get our low points which we weren’t aware of. Starting from the audition the judges made the contestants feel comfortable. We got over our shyness because of the kind of atmosphere they had built for us. Four of them were more like friends to us. The Stage was more like a big family; sharing its experiences to make us better. They were able to read our high and low moods and cheered us. To me, it was humbling as I never expected this.”

Monica Dogra is her favourite of all. Lekka and Monica have shared a good bonding in a short span. Lekka shares, “It was a refreshing bond that we shared. I love her so much as she has been so incredible throughout the journey on Stage. She always pushed me to be a better artiste by bringing certain things out of me.”

Lekka also made amazing friends on the show who were the pool of talented contestants. She exclaims, “Oh! We were not just friends but we were fans of each other. Everyone I met on The Stage was so unique in their own way. They had their own unique style of singing and dressing. If you give them one song, all of them will come with their version of it. That’s how you know them that they are not imitating each other. They presented themselves just as they are. I saw how confident they felt about themselves. I’ve learnt so much from them too during the last few weeks. All were so dear to me.”

After learning so much on The Stage, the melodious singer is on her way to make original songs. She was working on her track when she got The Stage calling. She is also looking forward to collaborating with one of the four judges in the future. She said, “It would be my honour if I’d get the chance to work with them.”

The Stage gave her lot of memories to make. From grabbing the T-shirt at the audition, making it to Top12, performing for showdown episode and doing Numb by Linkin Park with Monica everything was insane. “There are so many moments to say which cannot be described in words. It’s all coming to my head over and over again. It brings a smile to my face every time I think about it,” ends Lekka.