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News |  08 Nov 2017 10:01 |  By RnMTeam

'The Stage' was like a family to us: Das Vegas

MUMBAI: Colors Infinity’s The Stage 3 saw its first elimination of the dynamic sister-duo Das Vegas from the Top 12. Chayanksh and Jannabi Das duo called as ‘Das Vegas’ were the only duo of the season. Chayanksh who is 28 and is married has western music as her forte. While her sister Jannabi is 26-year-old and her forte is Indian classical.

Speaking about the entire journey Jannabi said, “Musical journey to ‘The Stage’ was loaded with a lot of learning. We had Jennifer at ‘The Stage’ to guide us at every step. She taught us the correct parts of our vocal cord, body gestures and various other techniques that are good for singing. There were some techniques which were not needed anymore and Jennifer taught us to let them go. We got the stage knowledge and master classes from mentor Vishal and Ehsaan taught us leveling of the sound balance. It was a big package of learning.”

In addition to this Chayanksh said, “We were constantly put through various challenges every week in terms of new songs and genres. These challenges helped us manage time.”

Jannabi shared the most cherishing memory out of the many. She said, “After making it to Top 12 we all moved to the hotel. The hotel was fantastic. There was not a single room we didn’t head into. Each room was common to us; we played with led lights, jumped on the bed and did boomerang. There was a day were the entire team and the crew came together to play table tennis, do swimming and so much practice in the background. I think the moment that I am missing the most is picturing with them.”

For Chayanksh the moment to remember was, waiting from 6 am to 2 am for their turn to sing. She said, “We were trying to maintain our composure in the pressure moment. Our throat was almost choking but we were keeping it hydrated. After the entire emotional trauma, we got our turn at 2 am for the selection of Top 12. We gave it all and right before our performance we said to each other ‘Listen it’s now or never’ and that’s how it happened. To our surprise, I don’t from where we gathered the energy at that moment. The judges loved our performance and we rocked the stage.”

All the four judges come under their favourite list. The Das sisters said, “It’s hard to pick one out of four because earlier what we knew about them was so abstract. Now we know so many aspects about them. They are super chilled out and they have amazing core understanding of music. To mention one, Vishal was so instance while picking out our weakness. His feedback helped us to work on our weakness.”

They shared a good bond with the fellow contestants. Duo said, “We are still missing it so much. We never felt competitors of each other in real life. We ate together like four to five meals a day. Be it recreational activities like playing table tennis, jamming or pool match and the on-stage performance, we always stayed together. This bonding will be unbreakable. The Stage was like a family to us. It’s like a void right now.”

The Stage has definitely changed them for good. Most reality shows develop competitive and negative feelings but after being on The Stage their perspective has changed. The duo has certainly learnt new things to look forward to. They said, “We have learned so much that we will add it to our previous knowledge. Soon we will release the music video project, Minus. It has a song All of Me- The Minus Cover. “

This was not their first reality show as a duo. They teamed up as Das Vegas for Colors live reality show Rising Star and India Banega Manch.

Interestingly the sisters will be celebrating Das Vegas anniversary this month. The sisters exclaimed, “The purpose behind the formation was to perform at reality shows and bring out the best of both of us. To start off it was completely an experiment as we both come from a different genre. We also felt it would help us fit into the international market. This for us was the better way to make Indian music travel across the world.”

Speaking about coming for the next edition the sisters said, “We believe that we belong to the stage and we are out there to perform irrespective of what kind of stage it is. Given the chance, we would come again in the next edition. We’ll go for the opportunities coming to us.”

They also expressed their love for all the fellow contestants. They said, “Just be yourself and stay strong no matter what comes your way.”