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News |  20 Oct 2017 13:03 |  By RnMTeam

These Indian states took the musical route

MUMBAI: We at Radioandmusic have planned to bring up something unique, while we have covered musically related stories around singers, rappers and festivals, this time we cover states in India who have gone musical to describe their beauty. While every state has a story to narrate, what can be more beautiful than their musical representation?

Here, are some beautiful musical representations of Indian states.


Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza, a grooving Marathi song, sung by Avdhoot Gupte who has given hits like Yed Lagala. This track makes every Maharashtrian proud of being a part of the state.


Well who can forget the Alleppey backwaters of Kerala, all those paddy fields, with its beauty that will strike your eyes? Track Malayalam is apt if you really want to blend with Kerala’s beauty, beautifully sung by PS Jayhari.


How can one forget those colonial structured churches, Calangute, Baga and many other beaches which have witnessed people coming to them from all over the world? Here we have Varun Carvalho who has sung Aamchem Goa. The song does not only talk about the beauty of Goa but also has a message to retain this.


Manipur ‘The Land Of Jewels’, where people with different (Tibetanese) languages gel happily with each other.


When one thinks of Punjab, one can’t help but think of the mesmerizing ‘Golden Temple’, also love for each other and food. A song that describes Punjab well is Gurdas Mann’s Apna Punjab Hove, which will definitely take you to Punjab.

Rajasthan One line that connects you to Rajasthan is Kesariya Balam Padharo Mare Desh. You can definitely picturize those sand dunes, traditional clothes and extremely beautiful palaces. While this song will take you to those beautiful places in Rajasthan

Here is a recent version of the song -


Nature lovers will definitely love Sikkim while this Sikkimese new song Malai Sikkim Man Parchha Sikkime Janta Man Parchha will say it all.


Gujarat is known for its traditional festival Navratri, Sabarmati Ashram, temples and museums. This state is a vibrant one and the track does complete justice to it.


One can’t just stop thinking about all the historical monuments Delhi has stored within itself. And this song from Delhi 6 describes the city well. We picked up the city as its India’s capital territory.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir remind us of tall Chinar trees. The beauty of Jammu and Kashmir has been beautifully illustrated in the Kashmir National Anthem.


This state is not only known for tea plantations but is also famous for its classical and Assamese dance which one awaits to witness it. Do listen to O Mur Apunar Desh, a melodious track which will definitely attract you to Assam.

West Bengal

West Bengal’s theme song Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay depicts the ways people celebrate ‘Durga Puja’. Listen to this track and understand West Bengal’s traditions better.


Uttarakhand Rajya Geet showcases those snow clad mountains and all beautifully structured temples. Listen to this song that will blend you musically blend to Uttar Pradesh with its beauty.

Uttar Pradesh

Music of Uttar Pradesh is one thing which people look out for. Their traditional folk songs have grabbed attention on a wide scale in India. Hajarilal Yadav in this Jay Jay Uttar Pradesh track has elucidated the beauty of Uttar Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh

Amaravathi Geetham, is an amazing track which speaks about the historical and cultural background of the people in Andhra Pradesh.