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News |  19 Oct 2017 09:30 |  By RnMTeam

Singers say 'no' to crackers this Diwali

MUMBAI: Diwali is the festival of lights, but every year because of enormous cracker burning we have to cope up with various environmental and health issues. On this note, singers shared their thoughts on how to celebrate it peacefully.

Singer Mihir Joshi said, “I completely stopped using crackers when I was in my tenth grade. It’s almost 20 years since I busted crackers. As a kid, there was a slight attraction but as I grew up I realized what the point is. Every year it gets louder which for kids, old people, animal and environment it is senseless. It just causes noise pollution and dusts all around. As a community, if you are bursting small crackers its fine, but the loud crackers to me makes no sense. So, I greatly support ‘Say No To Crackers’. We can still have Diwali by exchanging love and sweets with loved ones and enjoying it for all the right reasons.”

He also urged people to do good things and be nice to people. He said, “If you have good budget instead of spending it on crackers invest on good cause. This will put a smile on someone’s face. There are so many people who are not fortunate enough. One can feed these people who don’t have joy. The genuine happiness that you will see in them is way brighter than the crackers you burst.”

Melodious singer Mirande Shah said, “I totally support ‘Say No To Crackers’. It’s a festival of happiness, joy and peace. It should be celebrated with the same spirit. Our celebration should benefit the environment, not harm animals and the people who make crackers.”

Mirande wishes people to make the lives of people around better. She added, “If we make the lives of people around us better we will also be truly happy in our own homes. Don’t try to be too ambitious to make a huge difference. If only each fortunate would make the life of those working in our homes and workplace well, the world will be a better place to live in.”

Sufi Gospel Project singer Sonam Kalra also supports ‘Say No To Crackers’. “I completely support the cracker ban at every level. Not only does the burning of crackers cause pollution and severe lung problems for people but also traumatises animal which is heartbreaking. Also, the fact that the cracker industry employs children to make these crackers is something I'm against.”

 She shared her wishes: “Celebrate Diwali with the spirit of giving. Give to those less fortunate and light up their lives with kindness.”

The soulful singer will be spending Diwali at home with family and her dogs.

Taang Uthake singer Hrishikesh Chury also agreed with ‘Say No To Crackers’. The artist who has his own NGO called Hallway Foundation and for four years was the president of international youth wing of Rotary International has always worked for animal protection.

He said, “As a kid, we used to play but as we grew older we have understood how it affects the people and environment. It's fine if people play small crackers but loud crackers cause disturbances in the environment especially to the birds. Animals (dogs) get scared of the loud noise.”

Shilpa Rao stated, “I never burn crackers as I always feel that it not only harm environment but many humans and animals too are affected by this.

I feel one should spread love, have fun and celebrate a safe Diwali.”

The singer hopes that this Diwali people spread love and not hatred in this festival of light.