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News |  17 Aug 2017 17:45 |  By RnMTeam

'Peace Anthem' - Set your fears apart and focus on art

MUMBAI: Voice of Ram headed by Ram Subramanian is a collective of social commentator, innovators, political strategists, ad-film makers, movement creators and peace activists that are also working on the India-Pak issues.

Recently for the 70th Independence Day, Voice of Ram called in few artists from India and Pakistan to do a mash-up of the India and Pakistan’s National Anthem as a part of their peace initiative. The idea behind calling the artists of two neighbouring nations was to allow free collaborations for the artists as art has no boundary. The song was made with the help of creative director Hemanth. It shows Indian singers singing Pakistani anthem while Pakistani singers sing India's National anthem.

Talking about the peace anthem that is winning the internet Ram Subramanian said, “Earlier I had fears as it was a sensitive space. For a long time, I’ve been working toward Indo-Pak peace and I don’t think we were doing any wrong. So, soon there was no room for fear as I was doing something good. I think everyone should start talking about peace. We have reached 70th year of Independence and we all have grown up with hatred for each other. It’s high time we come up with a solution. This made us come up with a peace anthem.”

Singer Raghav on the threats stated, “One should not stop because of the threats. As an artist, we are first connected with art so our prime thing should be connected with the artists. It is a small group already and we have strong energy, we can relate things to each other. So we are never scared about threats.”

The peace anthem features about 12 artists from both the countries – Natasha Baig, Isheeta Chakravarty, Saanjeeta Bhatacharya, Nikhil Dsouza, Arun Kamath, J Ali, Meher Mistry, Zeeshan Ali, Adil Manuel, Raghav and Arjun, Alyia Diaz and Siddharth Basur.

Raghav also mentioned how the artists showed their good spirit for this initiative. He said, “When we approached Natasha Baig she resonated with it that even she wanted to do something like this. Since both, the anthems talks about prosperity, peace and brotherhood we saw nothing bad in singing it together.”

When asked about the response that they received post the release Arjun said, “More artists are now excited after the peace anthem, which is a good sign. We have worked with Pakistani singers for Bollywood and every time we collaborate the elements both bring in does wonder. The way they perceive things and we look at things are totally different but the music just helps us to get up for the ultimate thing we want.”

Arjun further added, “As an artist, we don’t have to look at what’s happening. If we keep our intentions good for each other everything else will fall into place. We have to set our fears apart and focus on art. This is the reason why we gave freedom to the singers to sing from their own range of comfort. ”

When asked about the future plans, Ram said, “We will continue to make more music in the future that can unite the two nations. I believe only artists can do this better. If the artists of the nations come together there will be peace.”

As the artists have said let's all stand together for peace and end hatred.

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