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News |  08 Jul 2017 18:55 |  By RnMTeam

I prefer to work with live music projects: Kaushlesh Purohit

MUMBAI: The Los Angeles-based audio engineer/hand percussionist Kaushlesh Purohit is a multi-talented musician which surely proves him to be a die-heart music devotee. He can crazily associate with music in routine things in life like cleaning dishes and mopping the floor. While studying computer science engineering, he was sure to not be meant for that kind of desk job. In spite of having a love for programming, content was not his cup of tea and that is when he decided that music is the only thing he can happily dedicate his life to. In 2013 he shifted to Boston to learn music from Berklee College of Music where he majored in Music Production and Engineering.

Hailing from Jodhpur, a city in Rajasthan, Purohit was never good at school but always keep hunting for a reason to make his parents proud. No matter how the situations had been, his parents were always at his back. “Every time I fell, my parents picked me up, patted my back and said, 'Keep going; Keep trying. Never stop trying. Make sure you know and understand what is happening and keep improving yourself'," says Purohit.

Currently, Purohit is working with two recording studios in Malibu and Santa Monica, and also as a freelance audio engineer. Additionally, he is serving as a recording engineer for a band called 'Trandcention' for an album. It is a seven piece electronic world fusion band led by Julian Lenz. Interestingly, within the time span of six to seven months, eight songs from the album were tracked and they are now under next step. The album is set to release by last week of September 2017. Purohit also plays in Louis Apollon band and he has recorded while mixed his first album too. The album is all set to release in September again. The month seems to be a celebration time for Purohit.

Sharing stage with great Indian artists in another country is like a dream come true for Purohit. He has managed to share a stage with Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, Vijay Prakash, Raghu Dixit, Clinton Cerejo among others. “It has been a wonderful experience. I get to interact with them and gain knowledge. It helped me grow personally and professionally,” says Purohit.

Rajasthani folk has always been running through his blood. Even today, the rhythms that he creates and plays are highly inspired by Rajasthani Folk. Certain projects on Rajasthani Folk Fusion are lined up which he will be starting in upcoming years. The engineer has had lucky moments during his learning at Berklee. The college arranged a show for AR Rahman. Purohit, there was a hand percussionist in the ensemble. This is not the end; he was deeply involved in the project from production to post production to a mixing engineer. In spite of being in Los Angeles, Purohit kept searching for chances of returning to his hometown and setting up his work here. He wishes to open a recording studio and an audio engineering school in Rajasthan which he is expecting to happen in a couple of years.

Talking about Bollywood music industry he shared some interesting opinions. “Most of the music in India comes from Bollywood. I prefer calling it Indian Film Industry and would love to work in it. I prefer to work with live music projects. Nowadays, most of the popular commercial music is sample based. There are amazing real instrument sample libraries that are used in making music. Which is great but I love the recording live instruments. I have enjoyed Sneha Khanwalkar and Amit Trivedi’s music. They work with live instruments more so than usual.”