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News |  30 May 2017 18:34 |  By RnMTeam

Baba Sehgal's maddest rap song in 'Bank Chor' you can't miss

MUMBAI: Baba Sehgal, the surprise shock cameo in ‘Bank Chor’ comes up with a song that people won’t be able to get out of their heads. The ‘Bank Chor’ surely managed to surprise shock people with a Baba Sehgal cameo. Unofficially the world’s worst special appearance ever, India’s favourite superstar rapper Baba Sehgal, who plays himself in the movie, has also created what could easily be called the world’s maddest rap song ever ‘Bae, Baba Aur Bank Chor’.

The song, with an innovative hook line that goes, ‘Bank Chor, *gibberish*, Bank Chor’, is a rap number that was created and sung by Baba impromptu during the shoot of Bank Chor (and it shows). 24 hours later, he turned it into a song with lyrics no one can get into their heads and music that no one can get out of their heads.

It seems that after the ‘Cups Challenge’ with their last song, the Bank Chors are trying the ‘Can you get this song out of your head’ challenge with this song, ‘Bae, Baba Aur Bank Chor’, that’s written, sung and composed by the maddest rapper of our times, Baba Sehgal himself.

Just like the film itself, the video of the song is also low-budget and trippy, and features the three worst chors ever, Champak, Genda and Gulab, trying to pull off a heist in the Bank of Baba Sehgal. Whether they will be successful or not is a question no one really cares about, but do watch the song before no one else does!

Give it a listen:

Says singer-composer Baba Sehgal, “I’m so happy that I agreed to ‘Bank Chor’ and my feelings for the film can be summed up in these words: ‘Vasco De Gama Portuguesea Gova Gova, remember Singer Shaggy Lova Lova Hey Hey Bank Chor!’”

Adds Riteish Deshmukh, “Working with Baba Sehgal wasn’t even a dream for me as I knew it could never come true. But ‘Bank Chor’ made it happen for me, and for that, I would only like to say, ‘Lady wali Gaga nahi, Chaudhary wala Chacha nahi, Galat hai saare Bank Chor, Sehgal wala Baba sahi.”

Self-confessedly India’s stupidest comic thriller, ‘Bank Chor’, directed by Bumpy and produced by Ashish Patil, is all set to embarrass its makers when it releases in theatres on 16 June.