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News |  05 Apr 2017 19:40 |  By RnMTeam

ennui.BOMB completes 13 years; all set to honour the legacy of Kurt Cobain

MUMBAI: Today, Kurt Cobain, who still 'smells like teen spirit', is remembered as one of the most iconic rock musicians in the history of alternative music. The legendary frontman of Nirvana, passed away in 1994 on 5 April, but the world still remembers him for his distinguished and incomparable contribution to mankind and music.

To celebrate the legend, ennui.BOMB in association with 3 Wise Monkeys proudly present ‘Hello Mr. Cobain!’ on 6 April at 3 Wise Monkeys at 9:30 pm. They claim to rejoice this occasion with people who have been deeply inspired by Kurt and his music.

Rishu Singh, the sole proprietor of ennui.BOMB who craved for something that Mumbai (then Bombay) did not offer quite often -- madness for music, purity, grunge and punk shared, “We started on 8 April in 2004 with a punk tribute to Kurt, and tomorrow, with this gig we complete 13 years. When I started ennui.BOMB in 2004, I was 26-years-old and nothing interesting was happening in Bombay that time. No band was doing punk, grunge, or metal those days. I had no idea about event management before venturing on my own and I asked for help to Jayesh Veralkar, who was a godsend for a person like me, also in due course he happened to my boss at Sony Music too.  We did the punk tribute to Kurt Cobain along with six bands where it was a full house and every band walked out of the venue with 2.5K in hand. It was kickass as we didn’t expect that people who craved for this kind of distinctive gig back in 2004.

“13 years and we are doing what we like, and such things make me happy. What else would I want? This is our small way of paying a tribute to the man and the band that helped shape the ennui.BOMB ideology, DIY Democracy.”

‘Hello Mr. Cobain!’ will feature experiences and stories and songs from members of bands such as On The Spot, Rainvan, Blue Reverie, The Spades, Slow Dow n Clown + Sonaluna and The Riot Peddlers, along with Kurt / Nirvana tales from the audiences too.