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News |  10 Mar 2017 20:23 |  By RnMTeam

Top ten international artistes flaunt the best Holi look

MUMBAI: As the festival of colours tip-toe its way towards us, we at thought of doing something special for you guys. Isn't that something everyone does? Yes... but we are two days early. So hah!  No honestly we really wanted to put up something that wouldn’t be the usual blabbering about how synthetic colours can ruin your skin or where you get the best bhaang in town (which in fact we have not read a single article on) or tips to save your hair from all the damage. Oh, zip it!! We believe in a savagely fun Holi because for once you don’t need to look good to ask a girl out.

It doesn’t matter if you look like Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘Composition VII’ because Holi hain yo and besides we have a list of ten artistes who at some point of their careers, owing to their work or simply their eccentricity, looked like they came back to pose after a brutal celebration of Holi. So if they can have pictures of them looking like that on the internet, I am sure you wouldn’t mind walking through Bandra looking like Silver Surfer.

So here is the list of artists who did us a favour and played some Holi -

10. Who comes to your mind first when you think of eccentric dressing? Lady Gaga? Of course! Well, viola here you have her with some nice yellow and blue gulaal on her face looking pissed out of her mind as if someone woke her up and went all Pablo Picasso on her face. Holi issues #101

 9. When you can’t manage to scrape the colours off your face but you have to go to work. At number nine ladies and gentlemen, Kesha!

8. Holi shit its Marilyn Manson!!

7. See what happens when you don’t have dollar bills? You can’t buy soap!

6.  Hey look it’s Gotye and somebody that he used to play Holi with!

5. Wouldn’t this make an apt purple gulaal box cover? Taylor Swift at number five

 4. Okay these guys legit flew down to India to play holi and it was way more than yellow this time.

3. Anyone remember looking like this at the end of a hefty Holi celebration?

2. Looks like Miley Cyrus had a little more than one glass of that bad boy!

1.  Addressing all the genuine Holi issues in one picture, we couldn’t help but give Nicki Minaj the first place on our list. Starting from hair damage to playing a game of criss-cross on the face, she knows exactly what it’s like to be an Indian woman on Holi!