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News |  03 Feb 2017 18:32 |  By Mallika Deb

A dash of the mushrooms: Infected Mushroom on SulaFest 2017 and 'Return to the Sauce'

(Image: Official website of Infected Mushroom)
(Image: Official website of Infected Mushroom)

MUMBAI: Infected Mushroom, the Israeli musical duo has been a part of the global electronic/psychedelic trance revolution. Based in Los Angeles now, the band members, Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen’s music outlook define how influential and dominant they have been through these years when it comes to Psychedelic Trance genre.

Infected Mushroom’s first album ‘The Gathering’ (1999) brought Israeli psytrance popularity. The fifth album ‘IM The Supervisor’ (2004), became Infected Mushroom's best-selling album till date. In Israeli music record, in terms of both domestic and international sales, Infected Mushroom is one of the best-selling groups.

The duo, who eminently plays an average of 120 shows per year, is gearing up for their headlining act at 10th edition of SulaFest in Nashik this weekend. They will hit the stage on 5 February 2017. spoke to the ‘army of mushrooms’, who continue to amalgamate various elements in psychedelic innovations.

“The genre electronic is immeasurable. We have been doing music for 20 years and involving trance, electronic, glitch, dubstep, and we have gathered all the materials around the world, we met so many people we are still happy that we can deliberately create music every two years after the new generation. I don’t know whether it is essential for a composer to have an advanced understanding of numerous instruments or not. But, for me and Erez it is and as we are classically trained musicians, it helps us to write the melody in a more easy way or in a more complex way. However, I know people who don’t know how to play any instrument but they create incredible sounds. For instance, say deadmau5 he has a real good ear to it and he can ride it to the intensity,” stated Amit Duvdevani.

Explaining the genre ‘Psy-tech’, both of them said, “Psy-tech is more of a heavy version of trance. A heavier kind of sound, something like ‘Heavyweight’. The core point of the genre is a powerful and very intense version of trance, a lot of psychedelic sounds, rapid beats.”

Their brand new album 'Return to the Sauce’ (2017) includes nine new tracks developing potent traces that lift up the three-dimensional sound which is a signature tune of the duo. The multi-layered melodies, ‘groove attacks’ along with a strong baseline, the album features the evolving sound, a contemporary proclamation, as well as a glance out-of-the-way.

Talking about it, for good reason, the legendary duo of Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani decided to go unaccompanied. “We have collaborated with notable artists such as Pegboard Nerds, Riot in last three years. But, in the new album, there is no collaboration. This album is produced only by Erez and me. Only psytrance, which sounds like deep-rooted Infected Mushroom, said Amit.

Here is a track from their new album:

Following the accomplishment, while talking about the approach, also the prospect of electronic and psy-trance music, the pioneer of psychedelic trance, Amit Duvdevani said, “Trance and EDM are so big today that I don’t know where it is going, but you have it is everywhere. There are a lot of musicians, lot of producers, and it is easier to provide music nowadays, also there are people with less knowledge as well. It has good and bad potential both, this is good in a way that a lot of music is coming up; many shows are being produced. A mainstream scene around the world is on the rise. Where we would be in the future, we don’t know that, but we are in a good spot at the moment. The approach of psy-trance is evolving and a lot of people are listening to this kind of music and I am happy to see the glimpse of it”.

“The good thing is people are growing knowledge over time and so many people are finding out about the evolving sound,” added Eriz.

On talking about playing at SulaFest’s 10th edition, Amit elatedly stated, “India is a different place, and it has been special, as I love the place. India is growing more and more in terms of music; bringing in so many electronic artists in the festivals like Sunburn, Supersonic, and EDC. I am super happy as I am getting a chance to play in so many places that I have never played before.”

Amit said that apart from the tracks from Infected Mushroom’s latest album, ‘Return to the Sauce’, there will be old hits in a new way, also, there will be a lot of high-energy new remixes’ and more.

“I always get excited about music festivals that I have never been before. As I am playing at SulaFest for the first time, I am super excited about it. I look forward to good food and a fabulous show,” stated Amit.

Listen to the full album:

Well, the Mushrooms never fail!