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News |  30 Jan 2017 20:02 |  By RnMTeam

'Burberry Checks' leads to Indeep Bakshi's sour ties with Sony Music, creating problems

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MUMBAI: 'Saturday Saturday' singer Indeep Bakshi's current life scenario appears to be a typical Hollywood movie scene.

A few days ago, the actor singer woke up to the news of his death and spent a few more days giving proof of his existence to his event organisers, family, and friends. It all seemed to be going too fast for Bakshi to make sense of the news of his death that went viral in a few seconds. However, the singer’s team got in touch with YouTube and got the videos removed from the net.

But things really back to real life from reel life for him?

“It’s a bit sorted, but I am now on 'face time' with people now. I have answered many calls of people mourning over my death to me. It was not a good space to be. Plus my mother cried all day,” says Bakshi.

All seemed to be going well for the singer till his latest single ‘Burberry Checks’. The release of the track called for many unwanted events. “A lot of people started commenting on my social page negatively. I was being called ‘chor’ (a thief). Many said that the track ‘Burberry Checks’ belongs to Badshah.

When the ‘Kala Chashma’ issue happened, Bakshi says he did not malign anyone’s name as he had the actual rights to the rap of ‘Kala Chashma’ sung by Badshah for the film. Zee Music had acted swiftly and added Bakshi’s name in the credit and everything went well.

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The singer added, “My relationship with Zee Music became stronger than every soon after. In fact, I released ‘Burberry Checks’ with them. They supported me in a big way with this song by also buying the YouTube mask head. My point here is that if I was a thief and if I had stolen the song from someone, Zee Music would have added that person’s name in the credits after learning about it. Just the way they did in Kala Chashma’s case. Why didn’t that happen? I am sure that is because one did not have any proof to show. I submitted all the papers of the rap rights of ‘Kala Chashma’ when I spoke to Zee, back then.”
Biut the singer says this did not stop at just comments and a few of Sony Music team members also approached Zee Music to talk about the issue, but backed out because of lack of evidence.

Bakshi felt the dust had finally settled when all hell broke loose and he woke to the news of his death. Without taking any names the singer pointed that someone big is behind these fake stories. “I do not think that the fans commenting on my page really have the money to run the news of my death as a sponsor ad.”

Though Bakshi’s team has done the damage control, he continues to be unhappy with Sony Music. The singer believes that he made a huge mistake by giving the rights of ‘Saturday Saturday’ to Sony Music. “They have used the track for an ad without my consent,” says the singer who has now decided on staying away from the label. “I do not wish to work with Sony Music in the future.”

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‘Burberry Checks’ seem to have burnt Bakshi in many ways. We just hope the coming months turn out to be more peaceful for the rapper.