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News |  28 Dec 2016 16:03 |  By RnMTeam

Sanam (band) members were clueless in the beginning

MUMBAI: Sanam, popularly named as ‘Fantastic Four’ by their fans is a YouTube sensation, but not many know that the band members were clueless in the beginning. They wanted to make a mark in the music industry but were too unsure of the way forward.

Keshav Dhanraj (Drums and Vocals) said, “We were completely lost in the beginning as from where to start and how, but were sure to do something in music. Later we realised that it is good to be independent instead of waiting for a music label. So we started creating videos of our compositions and supporting each other. This is how we moved on”.

They must have been bewildered in the beginning, but they soon went on to attract attention for their renditions of popular Bollywood songs. “We realised over a period that the current generation needs to know something about the old songs, as they have their own melody, style, compositions and lyrics. So without changing the soul of the song we tried creating it in our own way. We wanted every generation to connect with us,” said Sanam Puri (Lead Vocal).

Most people assume that the band is named after one band members -- Sanam Puri -- but Sanam and the other members beg to differ. “Our band was earlier named SQS and we were not happy with it because it sounded like a real estate name. We sat for two weeks, listed around 300 names but couldn’t conclude to one. One fine day before a show, Keshav came up with the name 'SANAM'. We all found it to be not just a name but a word in many different languages,” added Sanam.

A number of bands have formed and split in the past to pursue individual goals but, Sanam has no such plans. “Working individually might give us fame but where is the fun? It will be lost and won’t be found anywhere. So we plan to stay together as a band," stated Sanam.

In fact, they are looking forward to exploring the globe as a band. Venky S. (Bass Guitar and Vocals) said, “Playing in all arenas of the world is the only goal. We have played in exotic locations like Mauritius, Maldives, South Africa, Holland, Suriname, and UAE. We still look forward to the USA and the UK. The journey has helped us interact with beautiful people and learn about their cultures and traditions.”

Their plan to continue performing hit the demonetisation roadblock last month with many of their shows being canceled. Now, they are looking forward to a better 2017.

In the New Year, the band plans to keep trying new music and also bending a bit towards western pop. Sharing their plans Samar Puri (Lead Guitar and Vocals) said, “In the next year we are coming up with a difference in our music, like our first song of 2017 is very energetic and powerful. It is a rendition again and will be launched around second week of January. Now we have started focusing on raps too. So in our next song, we will try and add some rap part. We will also try and get into every type and genre having our own sound, of course. 2017 will be all about experimenting.”