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News |  22 Dec 2016 16:06 |  By RnMTeam

Taher Shah flees Pakistan after receiving death threats

MUMBAI: An Eye To Eye may make the whole world blind, but it surely made Taher Shah 2016’s one of the most viral subjects. The Pakistani YouTube sensation, according to his agent, had to flee Pakistan after receiving death threats from the ‘haters’.

Taher Shah’s agent confirmed to Pakistani media that the singer had to leave his homeland to avoid more trouble and life-threatening consequences. The singer was working on an online movie and his manager informed media that the singer-turned-actor’s “approach of using arts to benefit mankind” has resulted into another reason leading Shah into the news.

The singer gained popularity through the release of songs ‘Angel’ and ‘Eye to Eye’ in the past two years, and he had announced of his plans to venture into acting.

Here is how the Twitterverse reacted:

When he announced about his movie:

However some showed genuine support:

This Indian has made a sincere plea to PM Modi:

Shah’s agent also later confirmed that no one has any updates on Shah’s whereabouts after leaving Karachi.