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News |  14 Dec 2016 18:28 |  By RnMTeam

New Punjabi song offers quirky take on Tinder

(Photo credit: IANS)
(Photo credit: IANS)

MUMBAI: ‘Tinder Kudiyaan’, singer Rajnigandha Shekhawat's new hip-hop dance track with rap thrown in between, offers a fun take on the dating scenario in India. Interestingly, the boys who feature in the song's video were also chosen from dating app Tinder.

It is a happy and peppy modern day interpretation of the very popular Punjabi folk song ‘Baari Barsi’.

The video features Rajnigandha herself with another lady, and together, they are seen selecting and rejecting boys based on their display pictures and get pretty overwhelmed when they meet a boy looking to get married via the app.

Talking about it, Rajnigandha, who is otherwise known for her renditions of Rajasthani folk songs, told IANS: "I've done my entire casting of boys from Tinder itself. Instead of the guys getting dates, they got to feature in this video. They don't even have my number."

"Basically, I shopped for men like I do shopping for online clothes, and used the app very differently than was originally intended by the makers," added the Mumbai-based singer, who was initially advised by a lot of people to just settle for foreign girls in appealing clothes gyrating in a nightclub environment.

But Rajnigandha, who has sung in films like ‘Monsoon Shootout’ and ‘Margarita, with a Straw’, says she always had a clear idea about how she wanted the video to be.

"I wanted two girls casually picking out men based on their appearance just like men choose girls. I also wanted to show that every girl isn't necessarily dying to get married. My female characters are very clear that they are looking to date and not get married.

"It's not a concept that a lot of people thought was a good idea, but judging from the reactions this video has received, I think people are okay to welcome the idea of girls behaving just like boys are expected to. My video is feminist and breaking stereotypes."

The singer has also directed the video, which features 10 boys.

While the song mentions Tinder, it has nothing to do with the app or its promotion per se.

(Source: IANS)