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News |  10 Dec 2016 11:38 |  By RnMTeam

You can't make living out of the current music scene: Adam Avil

MUMBAI: Adam Avil, the founder and vocalist of the band ‘Pralay’, was in the news a few days ago for his upcoming EP 'Relentless' and a Bollywood film in the coming days. He spoke to about his childhood, change in the music industry, music inspirations and more.

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A devotee of bands such as Indus Creed, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Iron Maiden, while remembering his childhood Adam said he had his first crush in class ten. Also, he has a keen interest in martial arts and he considers himself as a dog lover.

“My parents were never supportive of my music and I was so passionate about music I broke my guitar, stereo system because of anger. It was a bad phase. I am full of positive and negative energy equally and I am taking another shot to reach out to people,” added Avil.

Walking down memory lane, Adam shared that he used to go to many rock shows during his school and college. “Rang Bhavan, next to St. Xavier's College was the rock hub in the past. People used to gaga over rockstars, shows during that time and the queue used to be long until the metro cinema. I witnessed Rock Machine live for the first time at Rang Bhavan and it was my first time. That kind of craze for Glam-rock was there, that enthusiasm is long gone,” said Adam.

The founder of the rock band Greek in the early 90s, latter named Pralay (with his brother Eddie Avil and Luke Kenny), Adam took a lot of time to break into the International music scene. Their debut album ‘Urban Reality’ was released through Sonicwave International Chicago.

Their debut album ‘Urban Reality’ was nominated in Grammy's 2003 in World Music Category and was later released in India by Anurag Kashyap.

“After Pralay split, everyone went in a different direction and settled in. I’m going ahead with my solo album. During the 80s and 90s glam-rock was an ‘in thing’. Everyone was making money, going for tours, so many records, but later on, it died because of technology. Whatever the music scene is right now, you can’t make living out of it”, Adam put in plain words.

He added that he will be tying up with international promoters/labels for his upcoming blues album 'Relentless'.
Adam, who is gearing up for his new album, which will release during January 2017, is also working for an event management company during the day. In the last few months he has jammed with many musicians and he believes that internet being the ‘major thing’ as through internet musicians can reach out to million people with ease.