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News |  28 Oct 2016 16:08 |  By RnMTeam

Madboy/Mink is gearing up for videos, albums and international tours

MUMBAI: The Funk-Nu Disco duo Madboy/Mink,?comprising actor-musician Imaad Shah and Saba Azad, is gearing up for video album and international national tours.

On talking about it, one-half of the duo Saba stated, ''We really want to do other kinds of projects as well right now. We are also planning for live shows, video?s,? albums and international? and ?
national t??ours for next year. Larger than life shows, definitely.''

Also, Imaad is doing a solo project called 'Madboy' and working on many films. While talking their upcoming projects he shared, “We are trying something bigger, looking forward for solos also collaborations, before we like kind of growing, Saba is also very busy with playback singing in Bollywood also she has done lots of ADs and films. I have been working on music for un-commercial projects too.”

A lot of people do not know that Imaad is the songwriter and frontman of a band 'The Pulp Society'. On talking about his band he said “It’s been a while since we have made anything together, as every one of us has got other projects to work on at this moment. But it’s about time to make the band’s comeback soon enough. The core members are mostly me and Anand Bhagat and a couple of more great talented artists too. We are trying to bring life into our projects. We make music like throwback from past like 70s or 80s way. Anand is really a great fantastic versatile percussionist. He has also studied in Africa and played with many African groups. We really gel in together and there is a lot I get to learn from him every time. We are trying to get more people for more raw basic sounds.''

They have been talking a lot about the current music scene in India right now. According to Saba it’s really fascinating environment today as Internet is ruling the world. “To reach out there is sort of difficult as lots of music and genres are already there. It was different earlier that you could go to PlantM and buy whatever album you want and listen to it till you can afford to buy another one. Everyone is exposed to music now. Yes, it is helping the independent musicians today in the scene now, they really appreciate if people listen to them all they want it listeners then grow gradually,” added she.

On this growing EDM phase in India, Imaad shared that youngsters these days have different choices and preferences. “Exploring music is really important now to get the extended knowledge. Earlier DJs were different scene; these guys worked for years and then got their fame. But today look its completely different,” added he.

Both of them agreed on the fact that Bollywood take a lot of chunk, and then it comes to regional music. However, it is difficult at time, but not impossible for the music producers to incorporate sounds and reach out to the people. They also think that connection with the listeners is really are important factor.

"It’s just you do what you want to with individuality. Critics are everywhere, easy to say but competence is really important to bring that relevance. In fact Bollywood producers get tired of making the same thing again and again with all the stars. I am not going to really conceptualize this but it’s a common thing. Put money and do that again and again is what keeps happening. However, there are some Bollywood musicians who are really good, I respect them," said Imaad.

Lastly, here are few things which you don't know about them.

Imaad is a Pathan and Saba is a Sardar. Imaad loves eating fish, and they usually produce music during the night. Imaad is also a filmmaker and there first live show was at a club called Cocaine!

In addition, Imaad will be performing at antiSOCIAL on 29th October 2016 with his solo project Madboy along with Saral and Midland Sparks.