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News |  07 Oct 2016 13:34 |  By Jigar Ganatra

Fashion meets live music: Gaurav Raina to curate 'emotionally psychedelic' BPFT 2016 tour

MUMBAI: For the third time in a row, Midival Punditz’s Gaurav Raina will curate the music for Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour (BPFT). At a recent event launch in Mumbai, spoke to the talented musician to understand his thoughts behind the “musically emotional psychedelic adventure” which he is currently working on.

Raina’s association with BPFT began with editing music around 15 years ago and having done this for over a decade now, he is all set to change the way fashion music has been projected. On being asked about the plan and strategy, Raina said, “Fashion music cannot be completely ‘live’ and there are very few designers who prefer such music for their shows. However, by having associated with such events and subsequently learning from it, I thought this time I should be able to apply my skills and present something different in the fashion music space. That’s why I thought of getting live bands on stage.” He further added, “We will inherently have electronic as a base (or a constant) and bring ‘live’ elements such as pop, rock and more, thereby creating a show which is impactful and interesting.”

It is known that both fashion and music have evolved with time, with newer genres fusing better with the concept. But the inherent quality for both remains the same. Raina, during the conversation, emphasised that the purpose of his music is to put fashion to context, thereby bringing a dynamic element in the show. In this year’s BPFT, he takes the liberty to play with different combination of artistes, explore new talent, and will ensure to bring them out of the comfort zone.

Bringing edge to this contemporary journey of style will be some of the most talented musicians from the country including Gaurav Malekar (BLOT!), Kavya Trehan, Madboy/Mink, Midival Punditz, Monica Dogra, Raghu Dixit and more. Raina added two new names to this list – Abhishek Bhatia from Curtain Blue and another producer/singer Tarana from Komorebi, whom he will guide and mentor thereby polishing their talent.

Talking about the stellar line up, he said “I know their music and skills personally. They are capable of making phenomenal music and I thought giving them a platform would add a lot of value to the concept and work. The work is yet to begin, but there is a lot exciting work ahead. There are surprise elements added to this years’ concept and I believe they’ll enhance the music and the feel. The intention with all the artists is to make original songs and help musicians develop new content.”

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour will feature some of the most illustrious and global designers from India. The designers will showcase their awe-inspiring creations in a spectacular manner, complemented by compositions from Raina and the above mentioned musicians. The five city fashion tour will begin from 22 October to 17 December 2016.