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News |  08 Jul 2016 19:18 |  By RnMTeam

Ma Faiza, Mother of Electronica is back with a BANG

MUMBAI: Ma Faiza, The Mother of Electronica is back with a bang in India. The African-born British artist is on her ‘Maximum Tour’ including several cities in India. Today she will be performing at Bluefrog Mumbai.

Ma Faiza is a unique name to the Indian EDM scene and from her modest beginnings on the beaches of Goa; this artist has played at the biggest stages and parties all over the globe. had a chance to have a candid conversation with the great artist. Read on to know more.

With a Gujarati father and a Kutchi mother, Ma Faiza’s roots are very much Indian although she spent her adolescence in a very English neighbourhood of London. In a love affair with music, Ma Faiza shifted to India to revive her roots. While talking about her journey and Maximum Tour, she said, “I never planned anything; I do what I love most. I have been in this industry for quite a long time now. Whenever I play at a gig, I keep my eyes open for my fans and I can see the love in their eyes. I am grateful for all the love I have received. The Maximum Tour happened as I wanted to explore as many cities as possible. I can meet different people in different cities; explore new things, which is truly fun. On a serious note, small cities don’t really get exposure musically. When it comes to electronic music and trance music, I am sure this tour will give much needed musical experience to the music enthusiasts.”

Ma Faiza who has been pushing the psychedelic trance music scene for close to two decades now, talks about the transformation, the change of sound, progress and change in electronic music scene in India.

“One should be familiar with the limitations in sound. I believe a good DJ should be interactive with the crowd while playing. I have witnessed the music evolving, and all the music that is happening today emerged from earlier times. While the electronic music scene is booming, people should turn up with somewhat new. These days there are so many artists, some of them are definitely good, but almost everyone is sounding the same, what is next? Pretentious people should stop doing whatever they are doing,” she explains.

The DJ further thinks that people are growing their musical knowledge over time. In fact, she likes today’s youth who are inclined to electronic music, but not the ones who are just following it out of fashion.

The mother of electronica has been open about her sexuality thus, pondering over the LGBT movement in India she said, “I am gay and I am proud to be a gay. All I can do is just be the way I am. It’s great to see that people are supporting the cause and India is growing in terms of LGBT progress.”

Free of conventionality, without boundaries and refusing to be limited by style, Ma Faiza conceals the lines between cultures and genres. Her communion with music narrates an audiovisual experience which is uplifting and her musical vibes can touch your soul.