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News |  05 Jul 2016 16:21 |  By RnMTeam

Justin Uday 'ad' up the score with a series of singles

MUMBAI: For over two decades, Mumbai-based composers Justin and Uday have been mastering the craft of advertisement jingles and movie soundtracks. The effort finally reached to a point where the duo built a group around its musical sensibilities that evolved through the experience in the industry. Called ‘Peak Level’, the six-member outfit is more of a concept than a band per se.

Peak Level released the first of its six singles last week. Titled ‘Teenage Days, the composition acts, to a certain extent, as a contradiction to what Peak Level wishes to achieve musically. Dominated with EDM Bollywood nature of compositions, ‘Teenage Days’ arrives as a fresh breath of air. “’Teenage Days’ has the retro vibe with a rhythm guitars into the intro followed by an electric bluesy solo. The unplugged essence of the composition makes it ideal for a live performance,” said Justin, the co-founder of Peak Level. The duo understood and acknowledged the importance of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in a Bollywood-driven market by incorporating the two elements that initially became the identity of the act.

“Several artists tried to think out-of-the-box for the sake of it, and lost in the crowd of commercial rat-race. So did we once. People do not necessarily identify with the niche content every time,” added Justin, who informed Peak Level would focus on mixtape approach for its future endeavours. The mixtape, historically speaking, invites mixed audience and that allows the act to expand its fanbase.

“We would continue to use our EDM influence in our performances, however, the new creations like Teenage Days would effectively become a part of our set-list,” said the keyboardist, and one-half of the Justin-Uday duo that was nominated as Best Debutant Composers in 2009 for the movie ‘Hijack’.

The act will release one track every month as an attempt to grow its subscriber base through the approach of creating curiosity. “Attention span of a listener has reduced a lot. Releasing six songs at once would have not led to such impact.” And he is right. ‘Teenage Days’ finds on-air presence every thirty minutes on Radio City Freedom and the act has managed to create awareness through consistent social media activity. “Since the popularity of internet, other mediums have become out-dated,” said Justin.

With two grand studios in Bandra, Justin and co. possess the experience, facilities and knowledge to execute what he believes “one of a kind approach”. With the next release scheduled to release in August, the EDM Motown original composition would further provide a better idea to Peak Level’s intentions, believes Justin.