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News |  30 May 2016 15:56 |  By RnMTeam

Nirali Kartik to release 'Payal' for 'The Music Yantra'

MUMBAI: Nirali Kartik, the soul of ‘Maati Baani’ that is enriching the independent music scene for the last three years, is coming up with a new music video 'Payal' for 'The Music Yantra' which is a one-of-its-kind global music collaboration web series. The music series is a culmination of 50 Indian and international artists from 20 countries across the world coming together to create some great musical masterpieces.

The singer will begin working on 'Boondan- Part II' with Shankar Tucker for the web series. "The initial lines of the song are taken from a famous bandish called ‘Paayal Ki Jhankaar Bairaniya Kaise’ and the rest of the lyrics are penned by Maati Bani," said Nirali.

The singer is also collaborating with Kshitij Tarey. Tarey will be donning the hat of a composer for this video. “Apart from live shows, I am recording for my new project with Kshitij Tarey. It is a fusion based music video for a company called Strumn. This is similar to what I generally do, but we have tried to incorporate different styles for a unique blend of fusion music," said Nirali.

Explaining a bit more about Maati Bani that includes Kartik Shah, a self-taught musician who plays the guitar, keyboard, creates electronic sound and gives backing vocals she added,“Maati Baani is not just about two people. The basic concept of Maati Baani is to collaborate different genres of world music with Hindustani classical, funk and new age sounds. Every song of the band is a joint effort; either with regional artists, street musicians, folk artists or even well-established artists. We don’t go after any rules or boundaries. We have been choosy and self-critics since beginning when it comes to music. In terms of our own music and activities, we don’t release the song unless and until we like them,” stated Nirali while talking about her journey.

On the growing independent music scene and significance of classical music the 'Boondan Boondan' singer said, “Knowledge of classical music is significant as it gives you amazing clarity. While singing the melody you need to be correct to the notes as it enhances your style no matter what type of music you’re doing."

She further stated that a lot of international musicians are coming to India to learn Hindustani classical as they intend to incorporate it in their music.

For Nirali music is a form of expression and it can be Bollywood or independent. Moreover she does not agree on independent music being non-commercial. "A lot of people from different industries seek for indie musicians as there are so many unique tones and freedom here. The best thing about indie music is that the whole ground is yours and you have the opportunity and liberty to implement anything and everything you want,” explained the disciple of Shri Vikas Parikh, who is an eminent Hindustani vocalist and a leading exponent of Mewati Gharana.