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News |  03 May 2016 18:51 |  By RnMTeam

Fight The Summer with the breezy Your Chin single off the new EP

MUMBAI: With two EPs to his name, Raxit Tewari's electronic music avatar 'Your Chin' released the single from the upcoming third EP. Titled 'Fighting The Sumo', the single is the first of the four-track EP shared by the promising talent from Mumbai. Scheduled to release on 11 May, the EP ‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’ becomes Tewari’s third studio production in six years since Your Chin's inception.

‘Fighting The Sumo’ - released on YouTube with an engaging video entirely made on Powerpoint – distinguishes itself from Your Chin’s earlier compositions through several elements, but the identical drawly vocals allows the songwriter to build on the identity, created and acknowledged in the alternative music scene. The video for the second track off the EP – Hawk – will be released in 2 months. “It’s a complete DIY effort as far as this video is concerned. We shot it with an iPhone camera, used books, capo and a stool to hold the phone together” says Tewari. ‘Shine’ and ‘Skit’ – the other two tracks off the EP – revolve around the essence of the EP. So what does ‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’ means? “I guess all through last year, I had a nagging feeling that it takes a lot less peeping for it to turn into complete noise now” explained Tewari.

“There’s no theme to the EP as such. It’s a collection of songs I wrote and produced through last year. Miti Adhikari’s (producer) experience and knowledge made all the sounds come together and finalise it,” informed Tewari. Evolution of the songwriter is inevitable with the sonic approach of what’s required, and the understanding reflects through ‘Fighting The Sumo’. Tewari also believes the attitude extends to the live gigs. “Compared to the first live gig, I definitely feel more comfortable on stage. I guess the whole process of getting more comfortable is a lot about problem solving at every step” educates Tewari.

Born out of the sheer desire to create something aurally constructive through the resources available, Your Chin began the journey four years ago, and the songwriter surely has developed better approaches for the conclusion of an EP. “It’s interesting,” said Tewari, “Several lines do need to be considered. There are synths and guitars and other elements that are put together to create a track, all the little sounds, through the days, slowly start to make sense. Then at one point when you step back and listen to it, you feel that the track has found an identity of its own”

The musician, also the frontman for Mumbai-based band ‘Sky Rabbit’, emphasises on the obvious difference between performing with the band and independent project, adding a vital observation through the experience of performing solo for four years. “Your Chin allowed me to perform at the venues that aren’t ideal for a band-like setting. It’s surely is far lonelier being on stage, specially for someone like me who’s been playing with 3 other friends for so long,” reminds Tewari, who completes 12 years of performing live.

Your Chin’s debut self-titled EP provided Tewari a well-deserved exposure and opportunities in the electronic front of the alternative music scene, and the 29-year-old surely made the most of it – so far. Two years later, with an intention to offer dynamics to the sound (ensuring the ‘Your Chin’ quality isn’t compromised), the Sky Rabbit frontman released another four-track EP titled ‘Scatter Nature’.

‘Peeping Till It’s Noise’ will release on 11 May on leading streaming services. The EP can be bought on Ok! Listen after its release.