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News |  23 Mar 2016 15:19 |  By RnMTeam

Chandresh Kudwa to release new single 'One chance to live'

MUMBAI: 'One Chance To Live' is the latest single composed by ace guitarist/songwriter Chandresh Kudwa, due for an early April release. The track which features popular vocalist Siddharth Basrur (Goddess Gagged, Scribe) and Bhayanak Maut's drummer Rahul Hariharan, deals with the struggles or confusion around pursuing one's passions or securing a stable livelihood. With many independent musicians who go through this phase, Kudwa’s musical journey too was no walk in the park. “From the time you are born, circumstances generally dictate the future course of life as a result of which following your dream or passion gets pushed to the backburner. Other necessities become a priority than pursing what you really want to do. You either do something out of choice or out of no other choice. It is important to strike a balance between what is supposed to be done and what one likes to do, unlike few lucky ones who get to pursue what they like to do and make a living off it. This song is all about sending a strong positive message of trying to stick to your dream”, explains Kudwa. The musician who strongly believes in the message penned the lyrics of the song a few months ago and is thankful that things have worked out very well for him as a professional musician.

According to Kudwa, the track is heavy at the same time melodic, groovy and progressive with multiple time signatures. Kudwa approached Rahul Hariharan for drums and Siddharth Basrur to do the vocals on the track and both musicians have added their influence. Speaking about the collaborative experience, Kudwa said, “Siddharth is a fantastic vocalist and I always wanted to work with him. I sent him the scratch track and he agreed to work on it. He has beautifully added his influences to the verses, and in fact, there is a slight RnB touch to the vocals. It is a new experience to hear that blend in a rock context. With such a groovy, power packed and energetic track, I felt Siddharth was the right person.”

“And well.....Rahul is a hard hitting metal drummer and this is a hard hitting track so I did not have to think much. I laid the basic structure and programmed a few drum samples, and I had an idea of the sound I wanted. Rahul came in and added his elements and did total justice to the sound. The song was recorded in Kudwa’s studio and drums were recorded at Hariharan’s That Studio. Interestingly, Basrur has also played bass on the track.

A master of all that is required, Kudwa not only mixed and mastered the track but also directed and edited the upcoming video. He also directed and edited his previous videos ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ - (Rock Version - The Chandresh Kudwa Project) and ‘Overprotective’. With a plan to launch both the video and audio at the same time, Kudwa is negotiating with digital distributors and MTV Indies/ Vh1. Kudwa plans to keep releasing singles and taking it as one project at a time as opposed to cutting a full-length album which is time extremely consuming as he is a one man show. He intends to release a full-length album as and when he has a collection of songs.