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News |  19 Mar 2016 14:03 |  By RnMTeam

'Jabra Fan' was initially sung by Nakash Aziz in different languages

MUMBAI: Remember the 'Fan' anthem song that made news for having six versions, in different languages?

As reported in the media these songs were sung by different singers namely - Manoj Tiwari (Bhojpuri), Harbhajan Mann (Punjabi), Anupam Roy(Bengali), Arvind Vegda (Gujarati), Avdhoot Gupte (Marathi), and Nakash Aziz (Tamil). In fact, recently the song was sung in one more language by the original singer of the song Nakash Aziz in Telegu.

However, not many know that Aziz just did not sing the Hindi, Tamil and Telegu version of the song but, the other versions too. In fact, he was the first choice for the different
versions of 'Jabra Fan.'

Interestingly, the singer had also recorded for all these songs much before YRF marketing team came up with the idea of bringing the regional singers to sing the songs. The idea was to get a more regional touch in the different versions and it worked. "It was a brilliant idea to get different singers to sing the song," said Aziz who was even asked to sing 'Jabra Fan' in Arabic.

However, the 'Gandi Baat' composer loved the entire experience. "I love working at YRF and when I got the opportunity to sing all the songs I took it up. It took up good seven to eight days to record all the songs," revealed the singer.

When asked if Aziz understands all the languages he said, "I don't really understand them but I had a translator during the recording who explained the meaning of each word. This is exactly how I knew which word to emphasise on."

Singing 'Jabra Fan' in different languages wasn't easy for the 'Second Hand Jawaani' singer. He did have a racing heart before he got to the mike."It was scary for one has to impress people in the second half of the studio. But, the fears would vanish the moment I would be in front of the mike," averred he.

Keep up the good work Nakash!