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News |  26 Feb 2016 18:17 |  By RnMTeam

Raghu Dixit: The man who defies definition

MUMBAI: A quick scan through Raghu Dixit's social media accounts provides concrete proof of the songwriter's demand for live performances - that never seems to fade away. How many artists from the alternative music scene has managed to create an impact consistently enough to become the face of the 'indie' live scene? And it is highly unlikely Dixit would ever disconnect himself from the element that has motivated him to pick up his guitar and mesmerise with his voice - 'an opportunity to perform'. Maybe, the unbiased approach towards every opportunity lets Dixit perform for the Queen of England, also helps the songwriter find love and support among the fisherman of Chennai for a festival that "does not focus on the upper strata of society."

On 28 February, Dixit will yet again step on a stage with an intent to deliver a "kick-ass show" for the Mumbai Ballard Festival. The stage, set in the posh locality of South Bombay, would see Raghu Dixit and the Project return to the city after a considerable period, and the factor is NOT the only reason why the 41-year-old songwriter looks forward to his performance at the festival. "I have not seen the venue yet, but I have heard they have pulled it off well so far," said Dixit. Call him humble, an opportunist, a hungry musician or a loyal workaholic, Dixit does not discriminate between the festivals that request for his services. "Every opportunity could lead to many opportunities," adds Dixit. And who would know better than the man himself, 'discovered' by Vishal Dadlani in a bar. "I never expected Vishal (Dadlani) to be there, and the rest is history," gladly remembers Dixit.

With over a decade of experience, one may wonder Raghu Dixit approaches every concert with a detailed plan, but Dixit quickly clears the notion when asked about it. "Haha.. That's not true. I am guilty of that. I am not prolific as I should be. The only plan is the unplanned plan," jokes Dixit. Instead, Dixit continues to trust the 'forte' that he created around his sound during live performances. Dixit informs on what draws a large number of fans to his shows - "You need to engage your fans. It is how you manage your tribe. Of course, when I started, the word-of-mouth helped immensely, and the medium still remains to be the strongest way of marketing your art."

The industry speaks highly of Raghu Dixit, the fans speak dearly of the artist. And, yet again, how many artists enjoy this rare combination of approval? The approval from the fans extended to social media trends with Raghu Dixit memes floated on the Facebook walls of the 'Hey Bhagwan' singer's followers.

A detailed scan through his social media accounts provides another concrete proof of how Dixit does not shy away from expressing the opinions on issues that concerns the mass. From the infamous Tanzanian woman incident to the recent JNU controversy, Dixit understands the gravity of the current scenario, and his legitimate concern is an echo of what a minor portion of the society ponders over. Says Dixit, "I wondered why the youth is happy with what's happening. The aggression, more often than not, limits to social media, and as one can notice, everybody is a social warrior today."

A deeply spiritual fellow, Dixit believes and explains the three simple-yet-effective principles of his life. "Work your ass off" - Dixit's mantra of life. "Try and help everyone" - Dixit's compositions depict the belief. "Do not hurt anyone. If you do, make amends" - Dixit firmly believes in karma and its capability to return and bite in the ass.

With 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge', an excited Raghu Dixit explored another opportunity that knocked on his door (or the FB chat, to be more precise). "I believe I am a God's child. A lot of factors have helped me and the journey that I have started years ago. It still feels like a dream. Mainstream cinema, too, was an unplanned plan. Although back then, I was really an excited musician - a kid in the candy store. However, times have changed and Raghu has grown.

Now, I am more prepared than I was before. Setting up a studio, learning the essential skills, managing my tours and studio work has helped me grow as a music director." Dixit's return to the Kannada Film industry as the music director completes with this year's releases, titled 'Fly' and 'Pradesha Samachara'. The effort to step out of the comfort zone continues for the folk artist as Dixit makes his debut in Tamil mainstream cinema with 'Vallavanakum Vallavan.' Dixit denies the existence of any difference of approach towards music between the film
industries. "No difference whatsoever. Of course, directors have their own ideas, but they work together with the music director. But at the end of the day, they let you do your thing. If not, why would they sign you in the first place?" remarks Dixit.

God's child, people's musician, youth icon - label him however you want, Dixit continues to remain the character who defies definition.