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News |  01 Feb 2016 20:14 |  By Ojasvi Nath Exclusive: Sanam shares some tidbits

MUMBAI: Sanam, the band that became an instant hit amongst Indian teenagers with the songs Hawa Hawa, Behka and Teri Aankhon Se as their lead songs have come up with new and innovative ideas. The Mumbai based band recently gave a surprise visit to the headquarters of leading event management company Wizcraft and communication and public relations company, Wizspk and enthralled everyone with their unexpected performance. The band comprises of Sanam Puri as the lead singer, Samar Puri, guitarist, Venky S on bass and Keshav Dhanraj on drums.

Here are some titbits that the band shared with the RnM team recently:

When queried about how he managed a band that was such a huge sensation, the band's general manager Ben Thomas (who once managed singers like Sonu Nigam,) he responded, "It's has been great until now. They are growing up to be a sensation though not yet sensations. They are going to be big, very big."

The band started as 'SQS Supastars' in 2010 and changed its name to 'Sanam' in 2014. "Well SQS sounds more like some construction or corporate company. I actually still have an email thread with all the different names that we came up. There were around 200-300 band names. We all got like solid headaches," revealed talented drummer Keshav. "Gloomy Fish was another name Venky suggested for the band," explained Kesha further, while all the band members laughed. "We tried merging all our names together, tried keeping each one of our names and finally one day, a day before our show, one from us said that I am from a band named Sanam. It is then we thought this name is best suited for the band," added Keshav.

Corroborating Keshav, Venky S said, "Sanam is a word that evokes lots of memories musically as 'Sanam' is used a lot in our Bollywood movie songs. Since we are doing many renditions of these kinds, I think it is a great way to recall that era and who we are as people. Sanam is a term that connects with different languages. In Thailand, there is a road called Sanam. To reach the largest audience is our motive through this name".

As a band, Sanam offers old wine in a new bottle and their stardom is increasing day by day with fans from16 to 60. "The type of songs we are doing go with every age generation and everyone is able to relate with our music. We are reintroducing old music, hence the young find it new, and the older generations anyways relate to it and love the old music in a new style," explained Sanam's lead singer Sanam. When queried whether he was dating someone or if he had someone special in his life, Sanam replied," I am still dating music. In fact I am dating everybody here in my team and in love with them."

The band members have a message for all their fans – "We ask our fans to love everyone. Be happy and do not give up on life easily. Sadness and happiness part of life so let it be."

"We like viewers who are parents and kids who are interested in arts. We want to ask the parents to encourage their kids dreams. Give them a supporting hand and beneficial advice. Do not constrain them. You never know what potential they have. For example, I am not from a musical profession. I chose it as a career and if anything is to be said about this generation, it is that the sky is the limit" stated Venky.

The performers also shared their new plans for 2016 with the RnM team. The audience will be seeing innovation in their music styles apart from their experiments with golden oldies. To know more stay tuned to RnM.