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News |  29 Dec 2015 17:52 |  By RnMTeam

Supersonic Day 2: "House time is any time...Any time is House time" sang the attendees joining Don

MUMBAI: Quite difficult to believe, but Monday saw a greater turnout for Supersonic compared to Sunday, and the lineup probably played a huge role in that. The quality of music wasn’t different. What Supersonic offered on Day 1 through Disclosure, continued with Don Diablo, followed by Zedd for the headlining act that lasted around 90 minutes. 

The stages upped their ante

The hype around Awakenings was justified and how! People behind the Awakenings set-up at Supersonic deserve a huge credit for what they managed to create in a relatively small space, to the right of the main stage. The Dutch know their stuff and Goa witnessed the vitality of presentation for techno (or any electronic) music. In a genre where words are not a part of the soundscape, visuals play an effective role in expressing what the artist is trying to emote. The sound does the job, to be clear, but the entire set-up adds to the output that multiplies the pleasure for the fans. Awakenings know what their fans want exactly and focus on creating a bridge between the artist and fans that would help both communicate better.

Day 2 opened with Baba Robijn, and although fans were still gradually turning up at the venue, Robijn played a very ‘sunny’ techno set and Blot! continued where Robijn left. Kolsch’s DJ set was the first 90 minutes act of the day on Awakenings and the revellers had already submerged themselves into the atmosphere, the stage, and act put together. Joris Voorn was truly the icing on the cake for the attendees present at the Awakenings stage. The Dutch techno producer, possibly, played the best set at the Supersonic so far and nothing less was expected from him. Iron Heart has very less to improve on, and that’s purely on the basis of how impressive the giant Iron Heart stage is. Laboratoire has certainly lived up to its expectations as the home for some very cutting-edge DJs and, like the other two stages, the sonic impression Laboratoire has consistently created for two days, is what makes Supersonic a very balanced festival, in all matters. 

The acts 

As stated earlier, the line-up included Supersonic debutants that revellers finally received the opportunity to experience. Don Diablo is a known name in the electronic scene, and the House producer sure will be aware of it, thanks to his tour of the country in 2014. The artist played to the largest audience of the festival so far, and if the response is anything to go by, the best act of the festival in the fifteen hours of the party so far. Zedd had an equally amazing response, a fact that was expected of the set. Fans were still recovering from the Diablo hungover, when Zedd successfully managed to intoxicate them with the tonic of Electro and Progressive House music, with elements of dubstep sneaking between tracks building a minimal pleasure. Who doesn’t like electronic music with layers of electrofunk and jazz fusion? Bobby Tank offered Laboratoire’s set-up complimented with Tank’s sonic soundscape perfectly. Nic Fancuilli, just like Voorn, made the most of the visual treat Awakenings had to offer, pushing the sonic experience to a whole new level. 

Highlight of the Day 

Don Diablo did not only manage to split the votes with Zedd for ‘best act of the day’ but the producer interacted with his fans on a very personal note. One of the DJ’s tracks included the words ‘House time is anytime.. and anytime is house time’ and the fans wasted no time as the musician urged the fans to repeat what easily became the anthem of the night- ‘House time is anytime.. And anytime is house time’. Diablo extended his experimentation by mixing popular rock tracks, including Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’, covering it with house textures throwing heavy percussions and bass as the song progressed. The 35-year-old Dutch electronic dance producer ended the set with a message and a humble plea. Holding his hand in the air, as the selfie process began, the artist later turned to the fans and said, “We all are together. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, gay, straight, blind...respect everyone.” Musicians often end their sets with a message and Diablo sounded very genuine in his appeal. The message received a genuinely felt response as fans applauded the artist’s responsible side.