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News |  23 Nov 2015 22:10 |  By IANS

Spirituality is strength of India's humanity: Kailash Kher

MUMBAI: Kailash Kher, who has enthralled music aficionados the world over with his euphonious voice and meaningful lyrics, reflects upon the spiritual essence of India, saying the country's art and culture makes it different from the rest of world.

"Our spirituality is the strength of our humanity. Art, love and rich heritage defines us. That is why people from so-called developed countries, who have reached the extremes of development, come to India for spirituality," Kher told IANS on the sidelines of The Sacred festival in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

The singer, who is slated to perform on the second day of Shree Cements The Sacred festival, a three-day music and spirituality festival organised by Teamwork Arts, on Monday, also commented on the lack of exposure for art and music in India.

"Bad product, good marketing is the only thing that is killing our strength. First, we have to eradicate poverty and educate people here before trying to improve the situation of art," Kher said.

He also stressed on the importance of the government's involvement in cultural events in order to give a boost to art in the country.

"States, Centre, bureaucracy and people representing organisations should be a part of this culture. After education, our next focus should be art."

"Education will kill poverty. Entertainment comes after that. No matter how much we glorify ourselves, we are still counted among third world nations. We have a lot to improve," the ‘Teri Deewani’ hitmaker said.

The singer, who performed at a concert with his band Kailasa for Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the latter's visit to the US in September, said that Indians are emotional, and they should not get "too carried away" by the western culture.

"Indians are emotional. You can’t be machines. Such people who claim to be westernised, do not even come in counting."

"We are so enamoured with western culture that we don’t realise that it is just another culture. Just don’t get too carried away. You are full of love, there’s emptiness everywhere else," he said.

The 42-year-old also weighed upon the contribution of music in bringing awareness among people while talking about the various obstacles in the path.

"Music and art is bringing awareness. We don’t have real appreciation of music in the country because we are still poor. How will a hungry person appreciate music? First, we need to get rid of poverty."

He also stressed upon the need to spread positivity in the nation.

"We need to spread more positivity around. We should be proud of our culture and heritage. Irrespective of who we are, we should listen to the voice of our soul and introspect, 'What am I doing in this country and whether what I am doing is worthwile?'"