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News |  23 Nov 2015 18:44 |  By RnMTeam

Shraddha Pandit working on new single 'Kaanch Ki Gudiya'

MUMBAI: She is young, talented, hardworking and ready to explore a lot more on the musical front. Well we are talking about Shraddha Pandit, sister of well known playback singer Shweta Pandit and niece of late singer/music composer Aadesh Srivastava, and music composer duo Jatin-Lalit. Pandit, who is currently busy giving her voice to upcoming Bollywood film songs, is extremely happy with the success of her last song ‘Aaj Raat Ka Scene’ from the film ‘Jazbaa’.

“The song has been appreciated by the youth and it is one of the best songs at parties and clubs at the moment. The song was meant for the youth and it has worked well for them,” said Pandit, who has already sung 15 songs for upcoming films in this year. “Most of my songs will either release by the end of this year or early next year. However, I am not too sure about all of them being selected. These days you cannot be sure about your song being featured in a film,” confessed the singer.

Interestingly, most of the songs that Pandit has sung this year are youth based, and the singer is more than happy to have lent her voice to them. In fact, she believes that the music industry offers artists songs that they think goes with their voice textures. Pandit explained that while some like to be versatile, it does not happen instantly. Singers have to be patient to prove they are versatile. This is precisely why Pandit wants to do more independent work in the future, although Bollywood will always be her priority.

Independent music is not something that Pandit is new to, considering in 2008 she released an album- ‘Teri Heer’ which she wrote and composed. And down the line, she plans on doing something similar. “I am working on a single called ‘Kaanch Ki Gudiya’. The music will be upbeat, quirky and retro. The vibe of the song is carefree, as it is based on this happy-go-lucky girl who believes in herself,” stated the singer. The single is expected to release sometime in January next year.

Pandit, who extremely adores international culture of musical collaboration, is disheartened that not many established Indian singers collaborate. She believes that here, collaborations only take place if there is a cause or a monetary benefit attached to it. Pandit is of the opinion that artists should get together simply for the love of music.

Another issue that the Indian music industry faces at the moment, according to Pandit, is the issue of recognition. She feels that Indian singers are not recognised by the common man unless they have stayed in the industry for a good 15-20 years, or they have emerged from a reality show. This has all come about due to the cut throat competition in the music field that is seeing new singers emerging every day. “Even if you sing fifteen hits people might not recognise you because there are so many singers out there. This is one of the reasons why even the biggest singers promote their work through social media,” added the artist.