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News |  12 Oct 2015 12:45 |  By RnMTeam

After 1000 Indian movies, maestro Ilaiyaraaja explores a new territory

MUMBAI: ‘Love and Love Only’ is a cross-cultural romantic drama by Australia-based Julian Karikalan - his debut feature film. The project is not only the first for the young director, but also a first for musical maestro Ilaiyaraaja in the world of English feature films. Ilaiyaraaja, who has composed for over 1000 Indian films, seemed pretty impressed with the simplicity of the storyline, and the director’s unique approach towards the writing.

Known for expressing the right music according to a scene, the 72 year old music genius approached this film in the traditional manner, and the background score was composed in less than a week. However, he took extra care with this film as it is not a storyline that the composer has worked on before, and adding an emotional connect with every scene was essential.

The trailer for ‘Love and Love Only’, which was released in June this year, depicts an Indian character, Kris, in his 20s overcoming cultural differences for his love, Stacey, an Australian school drop-out with a difficult family life. Ilaiyaraaja has long been known for supporting deserving new comers during his years of composition. Karikalan approached the music director in Chennai with the script, after a rigorous hunt for the right contacts to reach the man himself.

Ilaiyaraaja, as the director confirms, charged the debutant director a lower fee than his regular films, as the film is a micro-budget one. The gesture has motivated the director’s confidence and acts as an assurance of the quality of his work.

‘Love and Love Only’ also launches Rachael Leahcar, of ‘The Voice Australia’ fame. The director focuses on the importance of hiring an Australian singer, which enhances the multi-cultural element of the storyline, also portrayed by the characters. The singer has lent her vocals to a song – twice – each with different backing music. The idea to bring in an Australian voice came from the maestro, who provided the backing tracks for the song, which was later advertised online in Australia.

The film trailer gives fans an idea of what to expect from his contribution, and the music blends perfectly with the scene. Ilaiyaraaja is not new to the concept of symphony in films, and his vast knowledge knows no cultural boundaries.

The film premiered at San Fransisco Global Movie Festival in August 2015, and is set for a theatrical release in Australia, this November. The music will be launched through digital distribution before the film’s release, and the director is also planning a worldwide release of the background score as an album.