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News |  08 Oct 2015 20:41 |  By RnMTeam

Guitarist Pozy Dhar releases solo debut album 'The Future of Yesterday'

MUMBAI: Pozy Dhar aka Niranjan Dhar is quite a familiar face in the indie music scene, often seeing playing guitar for bands like Tough On Tobacco and Alien Chutney. However, the guitarist will soon be seen taking a different route when he makes his solo debut with the album ‘The Future of Yesterday’. The eight-track album will also feature Shefali Alvares as lyricist and vocalist, Gino Banks on drums, Jarvis Menezes on keyboard, and Adi Mistry on bass.

Talking about the album’s title he said, “I had written all these songs, and I did not really want to name the album after any particular track. And then this random thought came to me, and so I called the album ‘The Future of Yesterday’.”

Dhar revealed that writing the songs happened quite quickly, but it was “decorating” the tracks with guitar and bass which took much longer. “It took a little while to mix the songs as the person who was supposed to do the job was busy, and a few other friends to were tied up. Since mixing is a tedious process, I did not want to rush into things, and did two songs in a month,” he added.

In terms of promotion, Dhar and the other musicians featured on the album have made it available on digital distributor Ok Listen, and he believes the rest of the publicity comes from word of mouth. ‘The Future of Yesterday’ was originally supposed to be released a little earlier; however, as it was recorded in parts, the release date of the album was pushed back. Dhar also said that the group intends to play a gig sometime in January to promote the album.

Out of the eight songs on the album, the first one to be made was ‘Mystery’. The musician added that he intends to release videos for a couple of songs, but it will be a while before that happens as the gig season has just started.