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News |  25 Sep 2015 11:48 |  By RnMTeam

Electronic music, a truck and tons of people: Nucleya to launch new album among Ganesh devotees

Neville Sukhia
Neville Sukhia

MUMBAI: Traditionally, at this time of the year Girgaon experiences a huge gathering of Ganesh devotees from across the city. Some arrive to pay their last prayers to their beloved idol, and others to witness the magnanimous arrangement made by various Ganesh mandals. This year, between the dozens of trucks that will make their way to Girgaon beach, the town will see a surprise element in the form of another truck, with giant speakers playing an electronic remix of ‘Laung Gawacha’, which is a track from Nucleya’s much-awaited new album ‘Bass Rani’.

Since making the news known on his social media accounts, ‘Laung Gawacha’, along with the track ‘Jungle Raja’, has been gaining positive and encouraging responses. When asked about the album launch, Nucleya, unable to contain his excitement said, “I always wanted to play during the Ganesh festivals; a festival that celebrates spirituality, social gatherings and music. And I believe the music that I play – street music – would be perfect for this occasion. My team has really worked hard on the arrangement, and I am glad that the timing of the album and the festival has worked in my favour.”

The promotional videos for ‘Bass Rani’ have certainly stirred up a lot of expectations. And the album launch takes marketing, in the independent music community, to a whole new level. Launching an album on Ganesh visarjan day, although a brilliant strategy, is altogether a different ballgame that requires equally brilliant management. The festival attracts devotees and people of all ages; a fact that Nucleya is completely aware of. In fact, he believes that this makes the album launch an even better idea.

The built up to the album involved an interesting video with other indie musicians, like Dualist Inquiry, Ankur Tewari and Scribe’s ex vocalist- Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy. Nucleya, in a post announcing the album launch date, also hinted at the presence of special guests during the launch. And although he did not disclose any names, he promises it will be something ‘never tried before in the independent circuit.’

Taking complete pride in the music he makes, the Delhi-born artist cannot wait to perform on the streets of Girgaon. “I can safely say, my music is loved and enjoyed by fans of all ages. The music I make cannot be put in a particular age bracket or a dedicated section,” he added.

When asked what fans can expect from ‘Bass Rani’, he said, “Fans have liked my previous work, and identify me as an artist who always tries something new. ‘Bass Rani’ will allow fans to see a new Nucleya”.

Apart from the Girgaon album launch, Nucleya is also looking forward to playing at a venue he has never played at before – Shillong. The music producer is set to perform at the very first Shillong edition of India’s happiest festival – NH7 Weekender. “Challenging? Yes. Nervous? No. This will be something new for them and for me. Fans, no matter where they belong, always appreciate something genuinely new, and I offer that. I cannot force people to like something, but I hope they will,” remarked the artist, who has previously played at Glastonbury and Lille festivals.

Nucleya revealed that a tour will soon be organised promoting ‘Bass Rani’ around the country, for which dates and venues have not been declared as yet.

Additionally, the artist also has an upcoming Bollywood project for which he will provide music, directed by “a big name”. He also said that a music video for the same will be launched in couple of months.