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News |  08 Sep 2015 12:43 |  By RnMTeam

Arjun Kanungo to release four originals under Sony Music

MUMBAI: Fans of Arjun Kanungo who have enjoyed his covers of popular Bollywood tracks are sure to be glad with his latest news. The singer- composer has written four original songs under Sony Music, which will be released over three to four months, and will also have music videos. Kanungo’s first single ‘Baaki Batein Peeney Baad’ was released on 6 September, 2015, and the music video for the same will be launched by the end of this month. The video will be shot in Mumbai and is expected to feature a big movie star.

The artist, who plans to focus on original music at the moment said, “I have been writing for the last ten years, but I have not been happy with any of it. In fact, once I produced an entire album and then cut it because I did not like it. This comes after ten years, and I am actually happy with the songs that I have written. We went to Sweden and met couple of song writers there. So, we have four songs, these include a dance, waltz, English –Hindi and a Punjabi song. We have put out all our creativity in one basket and it has brought about something phenomenal. It is different and the sounds in these songs will be new to India.”

Despite having already done work for Bollywood, Kanungo considers this to be his music launch. He revealed that this is the first music project of its kind that he has ventured into, and said the tracks released under Sony Music will be “very commercial”.  

“More than the song or music they (Sony Music) make sure that they invest in the artist. In that sense, I am gelling with them creatively as well, as the way they look at the process of launching somebody. They do a lot for their artist, things that not all labels do,” confessed the musician.

Kanungo’s contract with Sony also includes acting offers, however, not much is happening on that front. “I had recently got a title commercial with Kangana Ranaut, but I had to go to Sweden around the same time and could not take it up. And for the next three months I will be focusing on my music. But there has been progress with me auditioning at some very big production houses. These things take time, but I have put my foot in the door. Now, I just have to figure out when I want to enter it,” he explained. 

The method actor is clear about the kind of roles he would like to take up. “I want to do a role that I would fit into. I was offered a couple of roles but I did not fit into those. I just hope a good script comes my way and I figure out the path that I have to take. My training has been very method acting. So I really have to get into a role that I understand. I want to do good acting and that is my primary focus,” Kanungo said.

Much like his acting roles, Kanungo revealed that he has always been particular about his music choices as well. Personal satisfaction comes to him rarely, but after making music for so many other people, he finally feels good about the music he has made for himself. “I have always been overly critical about my work. I feel the first thing (musically and otherwise) should be something that defines you and also reflects people’s opinion,” he added.

In his last conversation with Kanungo spoke about his 26 videos deal with Sony. When asked how many of those he has managed to complete he said, “These 26 videos will be a mix of originals, covers and different songs. We’ve already completed six to seven music videos. We will also be doing couple of English originals.” 

When asked on collaborations with veteran musicians the artist stated, “I have spent a lot of time with Asha Bhosle because I have toured with her. I would like to do something with her because she has taught me a lot about being a performer. I would like to do a song with her or with any of the old artists. In fact, I have something on the cards to do with a veteran musician.”

Kanungo’s band- Far Travel - will be put on the backburner for a while as all its members are busy with solo projects. “Every member is busying doing something or the other. Everyone has entered the Bollywood space; they are busy touring and doing shows. Only recently, my guitarist, who was in London studying, returned and we planned to write some music together, but it is more like old friends catching up. In India it can be difficult to find an outlet to showcase your English. That is probably why indie musicians have such a tough time. We just have 20 to 30 thousand music listeners, and although this kind of music is at the back of your mind, you have to think about finding a way to pay your bills,” confessed the singer.