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Interviews |  01 Dec 2014 18:19 |  By RnMTeam

Red FM RJ J Man: Content should not be too preachy

Jayram Mohan aka RJ J Man from Red FM spices up boring afternoons with sizzling gossip from tinsel town on his programme ‘J Man Show’. In his interview with's Dhairya Ingle, the RJ gives a sneak peak of his journey, childhood and opines about the role of an RJ in today’s world.


I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I only stayed in Kerala for a few years with my aunt and other family members. I was terrible at Math, and that made me an average student. I would often get mocked by my cousins who were super brilliant, but managed to get more than 54 per cent in my school. I got admission in SIES College, Mumbai. Even then, I was good at all the extracurricular activities but it was like I had some animosity with studies. I was also good at athletics and boxing. But after an initial training I was asked to go for boxing matches which was a little scary, thus I quit.

Early interest in radio

The case was very similar in college. I was great at everything else other than studies. A friend told me about data metrics wherein you were paid for listening to radio and I started working there. I heard a lot of international RJs like Howard Stone. I would often see RJs talking to celebs and giving away premier passes, so this was when I got inclined to radio. Then I started working with a radio station and after I came to Red FM I produced a couple of shows and one fine day, my boss asked me if I wanted to go on air. I grabbed the opportunity and here I am.  

My show- J Man Show

My show on Red FM is about the latest gossip from Bollywood. There is a segment on my show which is called ‘Samasya Ka Samadhan’. In this segment, listeners call up and talk about various problems they face in their lives, from roads to women’s safety to relationships with their parents etc. I am not an agony aunt or uncle but my aim is to make people forget their problems and smile at them.

Leisure time

I am not very social, as I used to be in college. I used to be a party animal then. Now, I usually spend my time around the people I know. I also like to attend sessions on theatres as that I was something I pursued in college. I also work with comedian Adam Dodd, so this is something that keeps me busy very often. His work also helps me on radio.


I am very spiritual and I keep reading a lot of religious books. Also I am an avid admirer of nature. On weekends I just pick up my bike and ride to nearby places like Ganpatipule. I make sure to have a camera with me, when I am close to nature as I love photography. Also I love working out. If I am not travelling, I am in the gym. I love doing intense workouts.

Role of an RJ

The role of an RJ in today's world has to be to get people together, having fun but also taking a stand on things that happen. Technology has moved way ahead; we need the new phone the new watch, new everything but we do not have new thoughts. I guess an RJ needs to focus on making people think that we are humans and we should behave like one. And we shall stand up together and say yes we are a superpower. Having said that, an RJ needs to be careful that the content is not too preachy. It could be a mix of his or her personal experiences. Yes, opinion is very important because otherwise, the element of spontaneity will be gone and the news will just be a piece of news that was delivered in a ‘Plain Jane’ way. You might attempt it a number of times, but one day you will create and you shall win.