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Interviews |  15 Jul 2015 19:49 |  By RnMTeam

Radio has taught RJ Malishka to believe in herself

MUMBAI: Despite having her hands full with a daily morning show, RJ Malishka wants to do more so that she can add new dimensions to her personality. The Red FM RJ, who recently shot an advertisement for the upcoming season of Pro Kabbadi League and has appeared on several reality TV shows, feels that participation is important to grow. In a candid interview with she talks about her childhood, radio and more.


My childhood was really fun. I lived in a cottage house with my mother, father and sister. And this was my biggest strength, as I always believed it is essential to stay close to the earth. I have played in open-air grounds and climbed trees, and all this made my childhood very interesting. I was an above-average student. I loved studying languages, but hated mathematics as I could never understand it. But as a student, I hated doing homework, especially when it came to languages because I always thought I knew everything.

Being an RJ

I always wanted to be in the media. My initial dream was to become an actor, but I used to participate in everything. When I was in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, I was a part of a PR team, sung in a band and did everything under the sun, so that by the end of my course, I would be able to pick what I wanted to do. Since my voice was good, I tried my hands at voiceovers and simultaneously, gave auditions for being a radio jockey. Since I auditioned for many radio stations, I made it to the last round for a couple of them. At that time, one was a small station, which wanted me to join immediately, and the other was huge, which took me a while to reply. I eventually went with the smaller station as it recognised my talent and wanted me to join immediately. I worked there for a couple of years, but then it shut down. I later came to Red FM, only on the premise that they will give me an off on the weekends.

What’s coming next

I have been a part of 'Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’, hosted IIFA and I hope Karan Johan and Anurag Kashyap see me and sign me for a film. (Giggles) But I want to keep evolving and keep adding new dimensions to my personality.

Radio for Malishka:

Radio for me my more than a passion. A lot of my friends tell me that I will die on the radio console. Radio helps you develop each and every aspect of your personality. You can be funny, witty and go nuts and be yourself, and at the same time, lets you deal with many serious issues, and you can actually talk about the same to people. I have been invited for television shows because of radio. Radio actually allows you to be thoughtful and deep.  

Radio fatigue

Every now and then people have asked me if I am tired of radio. I have not. Since radio has helped develop my all round personality, I can never be tired of it. Also the best part of radio is that you can dress up in rags, and come to the station, as long as you make sense on-air. I do not think I will ever get tired of radio as it adds newer dimensions to my personality, and I feel that I am growing as an individual. I will stay in radio as long as I think I can pull off things well, stay relevant and connect with my listeners and the city.

Lesson learnt from Radio

Radio has taught me to believe in myself. It taught me to believe that I could be funny, catty, fun, and just be myself. I think it is very important to be yourself, and to not be a fake person on radio.

My “boyzes”

I came up with this term on my show called “boyses”. They are the people who help me build the show and they are my pillars of support. Apart from my contribution to the 'Morning No 1' show, even they have backed me to a great extent. It is a fun team.

Rules for working

The rules for working with me are really simple. The team cannot yawn in the studio, and my team needs to be on their toes. If you are constantly on your toes, you will get information, and I do get irritated if someone misses out information.


I love reading and adventure sports, even if it is doing normal stunts. I love chilling with my friends and my family. I also go to the gym, so taking care of my health also consumes my time.