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Interviews |  20 Oct 2022 19:13 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Taaruk Raina says director Akarsh Khurana build his faith to create Mismatched season 2 theme song ‘Kho Gaye’

MUMBAI: Musician-Actor Taaruk Raina who played a roll in Mismatched season 1 not only has to play a private roll in season 2 but has also composed, written, sung and produced the theme song for this season.

He is best known for ‘Mismatched’, ‘Jugaadistan’, ‘The Broken News’, ‘Aryan and Meera’, ‘Pawan & Pooja’ and many more.

Radioandmusic got in touch with Taaruk to know more about the theme for Mismatched season 2 and how he balances between acting and singing career.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on your kicking to a new venture, tell us how you feel about not only playing a role on the series but also composing, writing, singing and producing the theme song?

I feel amazing. It’s just such a happy moment for me that I got to contribute musically to the show as well as being an actor in it.

I hope to try and continue this in everything I do in the future too.

‘Kho Gaye’ is a very very special song for me also because it’s pictured on two of my closest friends Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli, who are of course, Dimple and Rishi.  

How did you find yourself working for this new seasons theme song? What inspired you to do so?

It’s Akarsh Khurana, our directors belief in me that made me believe that I could do it. He put his faith in me and then I just had to do it justice, and I hope I have. It was a song I had played him one late night about 2 years ago, and he wanted me to work on it.

How are you going to balance your acting and singing career side by side?

I honestly try my hardest to do that, but I’ve realised that there’s a time for everything. I want to focus on what I’m doing in the moment and try not to Jumble up things in the process, writing songs is something you need an open mind for, so I wait for the pockets I get of free time so I can devote that to music.

In terms of music and also acting please tell us about your upcoming Upcoming projects

I’ve shot a couple of things that should be out soon, unfortunately I can’t talk about it. But I will hopefully drop another track before the end of this year.