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Interviews |  28 Sep 2022 17:41 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Bann Chakraborty is grateful to Shashanka Ghosh for believing in him for 'Plan A Plan B'

MUMBAI: Music composer Bann Chakraborty composed songs and background score for Netflix Original's upcoming feature film "Plan A Plan B", directed by Shashanka Ghosh.

The film is set for release on September 30th, 2022, starring Riteish Deshmukh and Tamannaah Bhatia.

Radioandmusic got in touch with the music composer to know more about his experience working for “Plan A Plan B" and creating a background score for PAPB. Chakraborty also expressed his thoughts on how he is finally giving his vocals and his future projects on the same.

Check the interview below:

How was the experience working with Shashanka Ghosh for "Plan A Plan B"?

My general experience of working in movies/bollywood has always been great! Fortunately, I have had the privilege of working with directors like Shashanka who have seen my growth as a musician since my early years. His vision for this film was extremely clear and that made my job very very easy. I think mostly I am also grateful that he believed in me and the sound I will bring to the table which is not very typical of the usual sound of Bollywood music.

Tell us the process of creating a background score for PAPB and what was the team’s reaction to it?

I had a fabulous team to work with both internally (my own team) and from the studio (the Netflix team). The important thing for all of us was to be on the same page in terms of the overall sonic language of the film. So we tried a mix of 90's and modern soundscapes to cater to the romantic comedy genre. However, I think we were able to create a unique modern zone which worked with the visual aesthetic of the film. The music supervisors from Netflix were a dream team to work with. I really hope to work more with them.

You usually prefer composing music for songs, what compelled you to give vocals this time around?

That is a very interesting question as I don't consider myself much of a singer. In this particular song "Talli". I had created a rough sketch with my voice as a reference for another singer. For the female vocals part, I was very sure of Sunidhi Chauhan who was also part of my first film "Vicky Donor" where she sang on my song "Mar Jayian" with Vishal Dadlani. This time too, I had a similar plan. However, the producers wanted the rough track (which had my voice recorded with Sunidhi) for choreography and rehearsals. Just before I was planning to re-record the male voice with another singer, the team got back saying everyone including Riteish Deshmukh felt that we should retain my voice. I was still not sure and remember calling Sunidhi, asking her if it was ok to keep my untrained voice alongside her in the song. As usual she was so supportive and insisted equally that I should retain my voice for the male vocal section. I guess I am very thankful to the entire team and Riteish and the producers for that decision and for believing in my vocals for the song :)
The second song of PAPB called "Keh Do Ke", which is a romantic tune, we got the awesome Vivek Hariharan and Mali to sing. This is another song that I am very proud of as it's very different from the usual romantic ones in Hindi films. Really hoping that more people get to listen to it.
Was it fun working with Sunidhi?

Always! Especially a song like "Talli" which is such a fun song in itself really translated that energy through the singing. I am an absolutely fortunate composer to have the opportunity to work with this legend for the second time. And everytime I have only learned from her. I must mention that singers like Sunidhi have limitless commitment to their craft and that is what makes them iconic.  

Coming from a decade long experience, what has been your toughest song so far?

That is a tough question. But I think the NH10 songs that I wrote and composed were tricky due to the nature of the film. But again, Navdeep was so confident to venture out of the box and in the end the songs really worked for the film. I couldn't say if that was tough but it was tricky and we all made it happen which was fun :)

Do you plan on continuing giving your vocals for songs for your future projects?

Absolutely not sure! Everyone thinks that I should sing more. It is funny that most people are more confident about my voice than myself. However, I am a student for life and I shall keep learning and if that allows me to get better at it, I will keep trying :)

Your dream project?

My dream project will be to make a film myself and write the music for it as well :). Maybe someday! Never stop dreaming!

Anything else that you would like to add?

Like Steve Jobs said, "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish"! I'll be exactly that!